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Twitter Chef Avatar Fun – March: Emeril Lagasse’s Latkes

This month’s chef for the Twitter Chef Avatar Fun is Emeril Lagasse. Here you find several thousands (seriously) of his recipes, so it took me some time to choose one. I opted for Latkes because we all really love potato pancakes, the combination of applesauce and sour cream on top was new to us, though. YUM! Continue reading


Potato Pancakes with Carrots and Parsnip

Potato pancakes

This week’s eco-box contained parsnip and carrots, amongst others. I remember parsnip from cooking baby food for my kids, and was never really inspired to buy parsnips for any other dish due to its strong flavor. And even though I can ask the farm to just take a certain vegetable out of the box if I don’t like it at all, I kind of find it challenging to find dishes that use up the veggies in my eco-box. So I was searching the internet again and the search result was this recipe from “Got no milk” blog. I tripled the recipe to use up all the parsnip. Also, I figured it should be possible to freeze whatever is left after the meal. I didn’t expect these potato pancakes to be really delicious (eatable, though), but I was wrong. I served them with apple sauce and we absolutely enjoyed the meal! Here’s the recipe (makes 25 pancakes): continue reading >>