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Modern Baker Challenge – Neapolitan Easter Pie

The 6th recipe I made from the Sweet Tarts and Pies section for the Modern Baker Challenge – Neapolitan Easter Pie. This pie was really time-consuming: you have to cook wheat berries and pastry cream and then prepare the filling. Before that, you have to prepare the dough because one half of it has to be chilled. And as I happened to NOT have candied orange peel, I had to make it myself which took another day. So I was hoping this pie would be worth all the work. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The orange flavor in the filling is weird, absolutely overpowering. I’m not even sure we’ll eat the whole pie. Maybe I take the rest of it to the in-laws’ house to see if they like it better. So, this is not a keeper, even though it does look really nice.


Modern Baker Challenge – Lemon Tartlets

My 2nd assigned recipe in the new section for the Modern Baker Challenge – Lemon Lime Tartlets. I REALLY tried to find organic limes, but was not successful, so I made Lemon Tartlets instead. The recipe called for the sweet tart dough which I don’t think is the right choice. Imho, the press-in cookie dough would have complemented the lemony flavor better. Maybe it would have been different if I had used limes as the author had intended. Anyway, the lemon curd, though, was a dream! I had made a double batch because I KNOW that I’m a big fan of lemon curd, so we had the rest of it on toast or rolls. YUM! Verdict: tartlets so-so, lemon curd AMAZING!

Modern Baker Challenge – Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

The next tart on my Modern Baker Challenge lineup was the Bittersweet Chocolate Tart. This one is REALLY heavy – like, you can eat one piece of it and you’re full for the rest of the day, but it is oh so yummy!!! I gave the press-in cookie dough a second chance (when I made the Parisian Fruit Tarts it was too crumbly to get it out of the pan) because I have a TART PAN with a removable bottom now! And it worked out just fine. The chocolate ganache was easy. Only problem here: you need to be patient – heated cream mixture has to cool, same goes for the melted chocolate. Then you mix both and let the ganache cool again. Butter is added, filling is scraped into the tart shell and AGAIN it has to be refrigerated. The recipe says to bring the tart to room temperature for 1 or 2 hours before serving – I thought, it tasted even better right from the fridge.  Oh, and the raspberries on top complemented the sweetness of the ganache really well!!! Definitely on my make-again list!


Modern Baker Challenge – Mango & Rice Tart

We’ve started with a new section of “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri in the Modern Baker Challenge – Sweet Tarts and Pies. I already made 2 recipes from this section long ago: the Parisian Fruit Tarts and the Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart. Both were fantastic! One of the official recipes I claimed from this section is the Mango & Rice Tart. Continue reading


Bake! – Chicken Empanadas

It was Marthe‘s turn to pick the next recipe from Nick Malgieri’s Bake! – she chose Empanadas. This recipe involved making puff pastry – I’ve made it before, so I wasn’t that nervous anymore. I have no idea which recipe was easier, don’t really remember the process for the elephant ears anymore, I just know that both recipes are really easy and the results were very good. I decided to go for the chicken variation because I’m not a big fan of ground meat. Making the filling was a bit time-consuming, but it was so worth it. This filling makes a nice stew when you don’t let the liquid evaporate completely – try it, it’s so yummy! Btw, I did NOT shred the chicken and I didn’t use chicken thighs but chicken breasts. The empanadas were extremely flaky – too flaky for my little girl: she said “I don’t like these crunchy thingies”- but everybody else loved the them! The leftover scraps I used for cheese sticks: I cut strips, sprinkled them with parmesan cheese and baked them for approximately 10 minutes at 350°F.

Check here for Abby’s post about her empanadas.


Modern Baker Challenge – Tomato Cantal Tart

When you read my post about the no-roll flaky dough you probably mentioned that I’ve become a big fan of this tart crust, so when the Tomato Cantal Tart came up on my Modern Baker Challenge schedule I immediately knew I would use the no-roll flaky dough for the crust again.  This tart calls for cantal cheese which is a French cheese – the ladies at the cheese counter looked surprised: obviously, they had never heard of this cheese before. Fortunately, I remembered the side note saying that Cantal was similar to Gruyère which they had. Back at home, I realized I didn’t have enough Gruyère, so I added some sharp Cheddar (just in case you were wondering about the orange spots on the tart). This tart was easy-peasy: make the crust, brush with Dijon mustard (note to myself – do NOT lick the spoon when you’re done: it is really hot), top with half the cheese, arrange the tomatoes, top with remaining cheese and bake. When it comes out of the oven, top with basil. This tart was awesome. YUM!


Modern Baker Challenge – No-Roll Flaky Dough

I volunteered to write the post about the no-roll flaky dough which is one of the basic doughs for many of the savory tarts of the Modern Baker Challenge. For me, it is the best dough as can be concluded from the fact that whenever Malgieri offers to choose between one of the other doughs and the no-roll flaky dough I opted for the latter one. I have no idea if it’s the best dough tastewise, but the fact that this dough doesn’t have to be rolled out is unbeatable. My dough-rolling abilities stink. Really!

Anyway, the no-roll flaky dough is easy. You combine flour, salt and baking powder in a food processor, add butter, pulse a couple of times, add water and pulse some more until the dough looks like a crumb topping. Then you distribute the dough in the tart pan and press it down. That’s it. Easy as pie. Try it!

I used it for the Ham and Egg Tart, the Corn Pudding Tart, the Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart, the Swiss Onion Tart, and the Tomato and Cantal Tart.