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The Modern Baker Challenge: Breads – Pita Bread

Pita bread was the next recipe I tackled for the Modern Baker Challenge. I do have a very good pita bread recipe (which is from the BBA Challenge) that always works and results in delicious pita bread, so I was curious how this recipe would compare to my go-to recipe. Continue reading >>


Forging Fromage (2) – Yogurt Cheese and Muhammara

This month’s assignment of the Forging Fromage people is yogurt cheese. I have just started my cheesy adventure, and I have to make quite a few cheeses to catch up, but yogurt cheese is so easy to make that I thought I could just give it a go. I have made Greek-style yogurt before very often, and yogurt cheese is basically the same thing as Greek-style yogurt, the only difference being that you strain it even longer. Continue reading >>

The Modern Baker Challenge: Breads – Turkish Flatbread

Just before our vacation, Phyl asked me if I minded claiming another recipe from the bread section because there were two recipes nobody seemed to care about. So, here’s my second official bread for the Modern Baker Challenge – Turkish Flatbread. Continue reading >>