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Modern Baker Challenge – Tomato Cantal Tart

When you read my post about the no-roll flaky dough you probably mentioned that I’ve become a big fan of this tart crust, so when the Tomato Cantal Tart came up on my Modern Baker Challenge schedule I immediately knew I would use the no-roll flaky dough for the crust again.  This tart calls for cantal cheese which is a French cheese – the ladies at the cheese counter looked surprised: obviously, they had never heard of this cheese before. Fortunately, I remembered the side note saying that Cantal was similar to Gruyère which they had. Back at home, I realized I didn’t have enough Gruyère, so I added some sharp Cheddar (just in case you were wondering about the orange spots on the tart). This tart was easy-peasy: make the crust, brush with Dijon mustard (note to myself – do NOT lick the spoon when you’re done: it is really hot), top with half the cheese, arrange the tomatoes, top with remaining cheese and bake. When it comes out of the oven, top with basil. This tart was awesome. YUM!


Modern Baker Challenge – No-Roll Flaky Dough

I volunteered to write the post about the no-roll flaky dough which is one of the basic doughs for many of the savory tarts of the Modern Baker Challenge. For me, it is the best dough as can be concluded from the fact that whenever Malgieri offers to choose between one of the other doughs and the no-roll flaky dough I opted for the latter one. I have no idea if it’s the best dough tastewise, but the fact that this dough doesn’t have to be rolled out is unbeatable. My dough-rolling abilities stink. Really!

Anyway, the no-roll flaky dough is easy. You combine flour, salt and baking powder in a food processor, add butter, pulse a couple of times, add water and pulse some more until the dough looks like a crumb topping. Then you distribute the dough in the tart pan and press it down. That’s it. Easy as pie. Try it!

I used it for the Ham and Egg Tart, the Corn Pudding Tart, the Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart, the Swiss Onion Tart, and the Tomato and Cantal Tart.

Modern Baker Challenge – Swiss Onion Tart

The fifth recipe I made from the Savory Tarts section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Swiss Onion Tart. I again chose the no-roll flaky dough because I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too unintelligent to roll out tart doughs. And as with the Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart, I used 10 mini tartlet forms. I also had about half of that custard left, so I didn’t make a new one because when I read through the ingredients, I realized that both custards are about the same, except for the flour in the swiss onion tart. Thus, I just added some flour to the custard, added the caramelized onions and poured it into the crust. Oh wait, Malgieri says you can also add some gruyère which I happily did. I did omit the bacon, though, because I really can’t stand bacon. This tart is quite ok. Not great, not bad, just plain ok. I’m not a big fan of the sweet flavor of the onions, so I don’t think I’ll make it again.

Modern Baker Challenge: Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart

The fourth recipe I made from the Savory Tarts section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart. I had BIG trouble finding Gruyère even though Switzerland is a neighboring country, but finally, I discovered some! Thus, it was time to make the tart. I was kind of tired of big tarts and quiches, so I decided to make  really tiny mini tartlets. I again chose the no-roll flaky dough, and the amount was just enough for 10 mini tartlet forms. I had about half left of the custard filling, so I stuck it back into the fridge and used it for the next Modern Baker tart (Swiss Onion Tart).

This tart was AMAZING. I wasn’t really convinced the Gruyère would be good in the tart because plain it was just blah, but baked it was fantastic!!! And as Sara suggested, I toasted the walnuts so the wouldn’t have a rubbery taste. This is a keeper!

Modern Baker Challenge: Corn Pudding Tart

The third recipe I made from the Savory Tarts section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Corn Pudding Tart. Phyl and Margaret have made it already and liked it. I LOVE corn, so I was sure I would love this tart. I chose the no-roll flaky dough for this tart as I really liked it in the Ham and Egg Tart. And, to be honest, I’m really NOT good at rolling out dough, so the no-roll dough was perfect for me. I used frozen corn as there is no fresh corn available here, and I shredded 2/3 of it in the food processor because I couldn’t picture myself grating single kernels. Everything else was easily put together. Did I like this tart? YES. Will I make it again? Probably not, because the kids thought it was disgusting. Eh?

Modern Baker Challenge: Ham and Egg Tart

Another great tart from Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker”. This is the second recipe I made from the new section for the Modern Baker Challenge. I’m not a big fan of ham (or meat in general), but my kids and the hubby don’t mind ham at all, so I thought this would be a nice meal for them for my weekend away (nope, no free time for mommy – 2 long study days instead!). This tart is easy to prepare, the crust (no-roll flaky dough) is even easier than the one (olive-oil dough) for my Roasted Peppers & Goat Cheese Tart in that you don’t have to roll it out but kind of press the crumbs into the pan. And the filling? A quick milk, cream and egg mixture with a little seasoning – that’s it. Everybody loved this tart –  and since they left a slice for me I can also say it was good despite my dislike for ham! Btw, you can find the recipe here.

Modern Baker Challenge: Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Tart

My first recipe from the new section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” – Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Tart. This is my official recipe for this section for the Modern Baker Challenge. And I’m happy it worked out great! I’m quite used to roasting peppers because I love, love, love muhammara, so roasting peppers for this tart was not a big deal. Even the tart crust was easy-peasy – a couple of seconds in the food processor, and that’s about it. I don’t have one of those fancy tart pans, though, only a round pizza pan, so the edge doesn’t look as neat as in the book, but let me assure you, this is not detrimental to the taste ;-). The combination of roasted peppers, goat cheese, egg mixture and tart crust was awesome. Will definitely make this one again!!! Btw, you can find the recipe here.