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Food Tag

Sara over at Three Clever Sisters recently tagged me to participate in a “food holiday tag” menu. The rule is to share menu suggestions of a couple of dishes previously posted on your blog for an upcoming food holiday, with photos and links to the recipes. Then, you tag 10 more bloggers. I told Sara I didn’t have time to participate, but then I thought about it again and realized I had a holiday coming up. Not an official holiday, though. But I want to celebrate the end of me eliminating almost all fruit and vegetables from my menu for a couple of weeks which was due to the scary E.coli outbreak here in Germany. Thus, I picked a couple of dishes that feature (raw) fruit and vegetables. Here you go.

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Modern Baker Challenge – Mango & Rice Tart

We’ve started with a new section of “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri in the Modern Baker Challenge – Sweet Tarts and Pies. I already made 2 recipes from this section long ago: the Parisian Fruit Tarts and the Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart. Both were fantastic! One of the official recipes I claimed from this section is the Mango & Rice Tart. Continue reading

Culinary Tour 2010 – South of the Border: (10) Puerto Rico – Arroz con Dulce

I am so sad that we are now at the end of our journey – the last stop of our Culinary Tour is Puerto Rico.  Thanks, Joan, for hosting this wonderful event. Hope to participate in a new Culinary Tour soon.  Back to our destination: I learned that Puerto Rican cuisine combines a lot of influences: from the diet of the Taíno people for instance come many tropical roots and tubers like Yuca (cassava), Spanish influence is seen in the use of olives, garlic and eggplant (just to name a few), from African cuisine there come coconut and plantains, and the U.S. American influence is seen in the use of American bacon. Continue reading >>