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Can Jam #2: “Carrot” – (2) Carrot Cake Jam

Here’s my 2nd carrotty contribution to Tigress’ Can Jam. For those who don’t know: each month we focus on a certain fruit or vegetable and find interesting recipes to waterbath can it. This month’s focus is: CARROTS. Continue reading >>


Potato Pancakes with Carrots and Parsnip

Potato pancakes

This week’s eco-box contained parsnip and carrots, amongst others. I remember parsnip from cooking baby food for my kids, and was never really inspired to buy parsnips for any other dish due to its strong flavor. And even though I can ask the farm to just take a certain vegetable out of the box if I don’t like it at all, I kind of find it challenging to find dishes that use up the veggies in my eco-box. So I was searching the internet again and the search result was this recipe from “Got no milk” blog. I tripled the recipe to use up all the parsnip. Also, I figured it should be possible to freeze whatever is left after the meal. I didn’t expect these potato pancakes to be really delicious (eatable, though), but I was wrong. I served them with apple sauce and we absolutely enjoyed the meal! Here’s the recipe (makes 25 pancakes): continue reading >>