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Globe Trotting Bake Off (5) – Finland

We are still baking our way through Scandinavia. This week’s stop for the Globe Trotting Bake Off – Finland. Again I chose a recipe from “The Great Scandinavian Baking Book” by Beatrice Ojakangas: Karelian Water Rings. Karelia is an area now divided between Finland and Russia. In Finnish these water rings are called Vesirinkilät (vesi = water, rinki = circle, lät = ???). The recipe says these resemble bagels – when I read this I knew I had to make them because I’ve tried 3 different bagel versions (Peter Reinhart’s, Jeffrey Hamelman’s & Mike Avery’s), and none was really successful. Continue reading >>


Mellow Bakers April 2010: (2) Bagels

My second bread for the Mellow Bakers this month – Bagels. You can find the recipe on page 260 in Hamelman’s book “Bread” – this is the book the Mellow Bakers strive to bake their way through at a relaxed pace. I was looking forward to making this recipe to see how they would compare to my BBA bagels. Those were flat, but taste-wise very good.

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BBA Challenge#3 and BBD#23: Bagels


Next bread on the BBA challenge lineup – bagels. I was really looking forward to making these because I LOVE bagels. There are places in Germany where you can buy bagels (even good ones), but I hardly ever get to go there. So I have to live without them or make my own. I’ve never made bagels before, so I decided that they were the perfect challenge for this month’s Bread Baking Day hosted by imafoodblog who chose the topic “Something you’ve never made before”.

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