Modern Baker Challenge – Sour-Cream Apple Pie

The 9th recipe I made from the Sweet Tarts and Pies section for the Modern Baker Challenge – Sour-Cream Apple Pie. I sooo looked forward to making this pie because I love apple pie and sour cream. So the recipe sounded like the perfect combination. It called for the Sweet Tart Dough, and making the apple filling, sour-cream custard and the crumb topping wasn’t complicated at all. I should have listened to my instinct feeling when I read the recipe called for Golden Delicious apples. I’m not a Golden Delicious apple person. Not at all! These apples don’t have a character, soft, bland and sweet. I prefer firm apples that are sour and sweet at the same time, but the recipe said Golden Delicious, so I bought Golden Delicious. I should have gone for tart apples. Really! The pie was ok, and to be honest, the hubby really loved it, but I thought it was without character, just sweet… I didn’t even notice the sour cream. So, next time I’ll try this pie with a different kind of apples, because the custard and crumb topping were great!


4 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge – Sour-Cream Apple Pie

  1. It looks wonderful! But I agree; I don’t like golden delicious apples, either, and whenever NM calls for them, I always substitute something a little tarter. =)

  2. I wasn’t sure about the golden delicious apples in the apple cake, either, but they really worked. So did the mixture of golden delicious and granny smiths in the big-ass tart. But now you have me thinking I should switch it up when I make this one.

    Anyway, it looks great!!

  3. I’m not a huge apple pie person but my husband loved this. I can’t remember what apples I used. I think I just used what was on hand which is usually Fuji or Granny Smith. I agree that apples should be tart!

  4. We really liked this…but I would like it with different apples as well. My favorite thing to do with Golden Delicious Apples is to eat them with caramel dip! YUM. Your pie is beautiful.

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