Bake! – Cream Cheese Scones

The 10th recipe I made from Nick Malgieri’s “Bake!” was Cream Cheese Scones. Wow, these were really quick to put together. Only problem – I didn’t have cream cheese, but I DID have cottage cheese and thought I’d give it a try. Worked out perfect ;-). These scones were heavy, but so delicious! We served them with homemade jam – YUM! Others who made these scones: Abby and Phyl.


4 responses to “Bake! – Cream Cheese Scones

  1. I’m glad you took the chance on the cottage cheese; and glad to hear it worked out! These were so easy and delicious!!

  2. Oh, cottage cheese! Cool! So glad you loved these…I love how easy all of his scone recipes are.

  3. Those are just beautiful…they look so perfect! I need to make these yet…yikes, need to get to this soon. I hope mine look as good as yours.

  4. These scones sound great. I like your use of cottage cheese…sounds fantastic! Hope you’ll share them w/ BYOB – Bake Your Own Bread ( this month.

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