Thirty Minute Thursdays: Pasta e Bisi (Pea Soup with Pasta)

I have to admit I’ve bought a new cookbook. I know, I know, I didn’t want to buy it, but Kayte`s blog posts forced me to! She’s been involved in a challenge called Thirty Minute Thursday, a challenge momentarily cooking through Giuliano Hazan’s “Thiry Minute Pasta” which was set up by Glennis. The dishes Kayte blogged about sounded and looked so delicious that I couldn’t resist: I HAD to get the book. Now, I cooked the first dish from it: Pea Soup with Pasta. A very simple recipe. You need yellow onion, butter, peas (fresh or frozen), salt, pepper, vegetable stock (the recipe says beef bouillon cube), flat-leaf Italian parsley and pappardelle. Definitely a keeper, because it’s yummy, quick and everybody just loved it!


5 responses to “Thirty Minute Thursdays: Pasta e Bisi (Pea Soup with Pasta)

  1. Oh, that looks really good, too! We liked every recipe we tried until I had to return it to the library…how long until I cave and buy my own copy?!

  2. Ok, I’ll justify this for you: You are very busy and you need a good repertoire of quick meals. It looks nice and perfect for springtime!

  3. Can't Believe We Ate...

    This looks wonderful! Pappardelle…I’ve got about half a package that would work up really nicely this way! Thanks for sharing and for cooking with us!

  4. Ooohhh that one looks good, I have been wanting to make that one but need to find (or possibly make) pappardelle for it. We like the simplicity of the recipes in this book…simple ingredients, simple preparations, simply delicious! Yours looks wonderful.

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