Bake! – Danish Apricot (Plum) Pinwheels

The 8th recipe I made from Nick Malgieri’s “Bake!” was Danish Apricot Pinwheels. It was my turn to pick a recipe, and as I had been so successful with the Danish Cheese Pockets, I thought I’d try another, more sophisticated Danish version. I decided, though, to use Christel’s Danish Pastry Dough (page 111, with ricotta and baking powder, and without sugar) instead of the Quick Danish Pastry Dough (page 110, with milk, sugar and yeast). Making the ricotta/ baking powder version was much quicker than making the yeasted version, but I DID wonder what the layers would result from because there was no giving the dough a turn involved. The recipe for the almond filling made way more than 12 heaping teaspoons, more like 12 heaping tablespoons, but everything fit into the pinwheels nicely. Instead of apricots (no apricots here yet) I used red plums,  a variation Malgieri mentions, too. Folding the pinwheels was not really that difficult because the instructions and pictures in the book are very detailed. Into the oven they went and were dusted with some powdered sugar after baking. My verdict: they looked really nice, and they tasted fine, but there were no layers at all as in the Danish Cheese Pockets. I’m sure this is due to the different dough. I’ll definitely make the pinwheels again, but will try the yeasted dough then to see if it makes a difference.


7 responses to “Bake! – Danish Apricot (Plum) Pinwheels

  1. I can’t believe how pretty they look! Hopefully I’ll get to these this week or next weekend…now just have to decide if I should use the ricotta dough or the rest of the yeasted dough that I have in the freezer…….

  2. So that’s how they are formed. So pretty and delicate.

  3. Those look really nice. I haven’t read the recipe yet, and I was assuming you used apricot (or plum) jam, so I was surprised to see the plum halves. Thanks for the tip on the dough. I was going to use the sour cream version just to try it, but I think I’ll stick with the original. It just wouldn’t be the same without the flaky layers of dough.

  4. Those look really cool! I’m going to bookmark this to try once we get good plums around here. The girls like plums, so hopefully they’ll like these. And I have some puff pastry and croissant dough in my freezer already.

  5. Those came out beautifully. Still on my list and haven’t decided which ones to make yet!

  6. They look scrumptious

  7. Those are so pretty…you are such an expert at getting things so even and exact. Beautifully done…I wish I could taste one right now. Love to see what the different versions looks like. Red plums make a very pretty pastry.

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