Modern Baker Challenge – Neapolitan Easter Pie

The 6th recipe I made from the Sweet Tarts and Pies section for the Modern Baker Challenge – Neapolitan Easter Pie. This pie was really time-consuming: you have to cook wheat berries and pastry cream and then prepare the filling. Before that, you have to prepare the dough because one half of it has to be chilled. And as I happened to NOT have candied orange peel, I had to make it myself which took another day. So I was hoping this pie would be worth all the work. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The orange flavor in the filling is weird, absolutely overpowering. I’m not even sure we’ll eat the whole pie. Maybe I take the rest of it to the in-laws’ house to see if they like it better. So, this is not a keeper, even though it does look really nice.


6 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge – Neapolitan Easter Pie

  1. I do not like orange peel so I was thinking of subbing orange zest, so maybe I will do that now instead. I always like to stay true to a recipe, but if I don’t like something then I will sub sometimes. Thanks for the heads up. The pie looks interesting and nice. I am hoping to make it tomorrow. A small one!

  2. It sounds kind of strange to me. I’m going to try it, but to be honest, I’m not rushing out to find wheatberries or orange flower water.

  3. This was the one recipe in the section that I was feeling quite skeptical about…think, based on your review, I’ll just quietly skip past it. 😉

  4. The minute I saw wheatberries I knew I wouldn’t do this recipe since I hadn’t a clue what they were. I must say I’m a bit relieved to learn it wasn’t worth it. I certainly wondered since tomorrow is Easter and it sounded like a perfect tart for tomorrow. Instead, I did something else. Thanks for the post!

  5. I’ve been curious about this one. I like the texture of wheatberries so I was interested, but not sure I wanted a whole huge pie like that hanging around. (Frankly, I’m having this concern about the rest of the book, but pies in particular are hard to take into work when you take the commuter rail and then the T). But, kudos for getting it done around Easter, right? 😉

  6. Made this one (officially) and it was a little strange. Mine looks totally different than yours. also had to make candied orange peel and no orange flower water ANYWHERE.

    Not a keeper, but interesting.

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