Bake! – Chicken Empanadas

It was Marthe‘s turn to pick the next recipe from Nick Malgieri’s Bake! – she chose Empanadas. This recipe involved making puff pastry – I’ve made it before, so I wasn’t that nervous anymore. I have no idea which recipe was easier, don’t really remember the process for the elephant ears anymore, I just know that both recipes are really easy and the results were very good. I decided to go for the chicken variation because I’m not a big fan of ground meat. Making the filling was a bit time-consuming, but it was so worth it. This filling makes a nice stew when you don’t let the liquid evaporate completely – try it, it’s so yummy! Btw, I did NOT shred the chicken and I didn’t use chicken thighs but chicken breasts. The empanadas were extremely flaky – too flaky for my little girl: she said “I don’t like these crunchy thingies”- but everybody else loved the them! The leftover scraps I used for cheese sticks: I cut strips, sprinkled them with parmesan cheese and baked them for approximately 10 minutes at 350°F.

Check here for Abby’s post about her empanadas.


3 responses to “Bake! – Chicken Empanadas

  1. They look great! I can’t wait to make these.

  2. LOL on her not liking “these crunchy things,” kids are so funny about what they like and don’t like and very opinionated. They really look good to me! I will get to these soon, I hope!

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