Modern Baker Challenge – Tomato Cantal Tart

When you read my post about the no-roll flaky dough you probably mentioned that I’ve become a big fan of this tart crust, so when the Tomato Cantal Tart came up on my Modern Baker Challenge schedule I immediately knew I would use the no-roll flaky dough for the crust again.  This tart calls for cantal cheese which is a French cheese – the ladies at the cheese counter looked surprised: obviously, they had never heard of this cheese before. Fortunately, I remembered the side note saying that Cantal was similar to Gruyère which they had. Back at home, I realized I didn’t have enough Gruyère, so I added some sharp Cheddar (just in case you were wondering about the orange spots on the tart). This tart was easy-peasy: make the crust, brush with Dijon mustard (note to myself – do NOT lick the spoon when you’re done: it is really hot), top with half the cheese, arrange the tomatoes, top with remaining cheese and bake. When it comes out of the oven, top with basil. This tart was awesome. YUM!


11 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge – Tomato Cantal Tart

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  2. Lovely…send me a slice…pls

  3. You certainly make it sound easy! And it looks wonderfully cheesy and delicious. Inspiration indeed.

  4. Looks great! I loved this one, too, and can’t wait to make it again when tomatoes are in season.

  5. Looks awesome! I must try your pie dough sometime, and this tomato-cheese tart would be a great first attempt. (I am not very good with pie/tart crusts)

  6. This looks beautiful–the tomatoes right now are too sad looking to even attempt this so I will wait. I loved your note-to-self about the mustard. I will have to remember that 😉

  7. I agree…looks and sounds delicious! It will be at the top of the list as soon as we have decent-looking tomatoes. And I tried the gruyere/sharp cheddar combination when I was making another ham-egg-cheese tart and ran out of gruyere…thought it was really good!

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  9. Only another month or so until great summer tomatoes are here. I will be bookmarking this one! Looks wonderful.

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