Bake! – The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

It was my turn to pick the next recipe from Nick Malgieri’s Bake! – I chose The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie. I picked it because the very first typical American thing I ate about 20 years ago was a chocolate chip cookie! So, in my head, America and chocolate chip cookies are connected to one another as are turkey and Thanksgiving or Germany and sauerkraut or Bavaria and weisswurst or Italy and pizza etc. etc. (you see the point, don’t you?).

Anyway, this recipe called for chocolate chips, but I wanted the cookies to be more than chocolate CHIP cookies. I wanted chocolate CHUNK cookies. Thus, I bought plain bittersweet chocolate and cut big chunks to be mixed into the dough. I left out the walnuts because I don’t think walnuts belong into chocolate chip cookies, even though I do love walnuts. Malgieri warns that if the butter is too soft, the cookies will spread too flat. The butter was not soft, but maybe I mixed the dough too long? I got flat cookie monsters, but they were oh sooooo yummy. Definitely worth a repeat.

See here for Phyl’s and here for Abby’s posts about the cookies. I hope Kayte, Margaret and  Marthe will get around to making them, too – these cookies are addicitive!


7 responses to “Bake! – The Original Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Your cookies look yummy! I always end up with kind of cakey chocolate chip cookies. I don’t know what I’m doing to cause this. Doesn’t matter how long I beat the butter/sugar mixture.

  2. It’s ok if they ended up flat; it’s all a matter of taste! The crispy/chewy debate rages on.

    How easy of a time do you have finding brown sugar? I remember trying to make chocolate chip cookies in the Czech Republic. It was really hard to get the brown sugar. Once that was found, we proceeded at last, and not knowing anything about butter tempearture, we thought we’d soften in the microwave and melted it; not knowing that this mattered, we put it in anyway and I was disappointed they were so flat and crispy. But my Czech friend liked it that way, so, success. I always remember that, however, when I read about the importance of butter temperature!

    • The moist brown sugar isn’t available in our grocerie stores, but I’ve got a German online source that imports this stuff from England, so every once in a while I place an order there to get brown sugar and vanilla extract! ;o)

  3. We love chocolate chip cookies in this house and I’m on spring break, so I guarantee I’ll be making them in the next couple of days! I’m so excited that you loved them!

  4. Yum!! Chocolate chip cookies are good anytime, anywhere. Great pick.

  5. Oh I love chocolate chip cookies! I so want to join you guys with Bake but I just can’t be baking that many desserts!!

  6. I hope I get around to them, too! I need to take a day and just get caught up…probably not this weekend with the swim meet, but soon. Yours look wonderful!

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