Modern Baker Challenge: Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart

The fourth recipe I made from the Savory Tarts section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart. I had BIG trouble finding Gruyère even though Switzerland is a neighboring country, but finally, I discovered some! Thus, it was time to make the tart. I was kind of tired of big tarts and quiches, so I decided to make  really tiny mini tartlets. I again chose the no-roll flaky dough, and the amount was just enough for 10 mini tartlet forms. I had about half left of the custard filling, so I stuck it back into the fridge and used it for the next Modern Baker tart (Swiss Onion Tart).

This tart was AMAZING. I wasn’t really convinced the Gruyère would be good in the tart because plain it was just blah, but baked it was fantastic!!! And as Sara suggested, I toasted the walnuts so the wouldn’t have a rubbery taste. This is a keeper!


9 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge: Gruyère, Scallion and Walnut Tart

  1. Maybe you can singlehandedly revive the gruyere import business in Germany! I am becoming more and more convinced that I can’t live without gruyere by the way–just went through a huge block last night for a butternut squash bread pudding from HTCE-Vegetarian (and I hope to post on it soon). Check it out, now that you have a supplier 😉

  2. they are so appetising…

  3. I can’t wait to make this recipe! It looks wonderful. Guess you and I should learn to make our own gruyere, eh? 😉

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  5. I love the look of your mini tart. And I’m with Sara — I couldn’t survive without Gruyere. I have about 4 blocks of it in the fridge right now, along with some shredded and mixed with Emmentaler.

  6. So cute!!! I hadn’t thought of doing tartlets. Now I’m really bummed I didn’t get to them.

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  8. This looks delicious…I need to get my act together and get these tarts going…I think I will have to make two a day for the rest of the month to get them all completed…lol. Who knows…might have to carry this forth into April. I work well under pressure! Love Gruyere cheese and always worth the extra bit to get a really good one.

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