Bake! – Golden Almond (Pecan) Bars

It was Abby‘s turn to pick the next recipe from Nick Malgieri’s Bake! – she chose Golden Almond Bars. To be honest – this recipe drove me crazy! Mixing the dough together was no problem at all, but rolling it out was a pain in the butt. It was sticky, sticky, sticky – and yes, it had chilled in the fridge for a looong time (24 hours). I was about to throw it out and call it quits, but for some reason I continued sticking the dough into the pan and covered it with the topping which in my case consisted of pecans (instead of almonds), butter, sugar, golden syrup, salt, and whipping cream. Into the oven it went for 35 minutes.

My pecan bars didn’t look very appetizing (see above), but tastewise, they were heavenly! Will I make them again? Not sure, because the rolling-out procedure was REALLY annoying!


4 responses to “Bake! – Golden Almond (Pecan) Bars

  1. Sorry the rolling was annoying…I had the opposite problem: had to add water to get mine to come together. I think they look absolutely delicious with the pecan substitution…I will have to try that next time! =)

  2. I think these are definitely worth trying again. You never know — the next time, they might roll out perfectly. Good call on the pecans. They look great (although almonds were pretty amazing, too).

  3. I had put off making these because I could not find the slivered almonds but now that I see the pecans, I am a little sad that I found the almonds a few days ago and now can make them. Maybe I will make half almond and half pecan…oh, yeah! Yours look delicious!

  4. Can't Believe We Ate...

    How gorgeous!! They are too pretty! They’re PECAN! *giggle* My book finally arrived on Friday!

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