Mellow Bakers February 2011 – Toast Bread

I don’t know what happened when I baked the 2nd Mellow Bakers‘ bread for this month – toast bread. I must have miscalculated the amount of dough that fits in my toast bread pan, otherwise I can’t explain why the dough wouldn’t rise  beyond half of the pan. I waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing really happened. So I took it out and stuck it into my loaf pan which I don’t have a lid for. Thus, the result was a non-square, thick-crusted white bread, not any way near a toast bread. Oh well. We toasted it anyway, and it tasted fine, but it was just toasted white bread :-(.


2 responses to “Mellow Bakers February 2011 – Toast Bread

  1. The slices look nice! Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. :o/

  2. It looks like very fine toasting bread to me…delicious! I learn a lot from your comments on what you do with breads, etc., thanks for being the teacher!

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