Mellow Bakers February 2011 – Normandie Apple Bread

The first bread I made for the Mellow Bakers this month was the Normandie Apple Bread. I started writing this post (aka wrote the headline and added the pictures) 3 weeks ago, and then for some reason (work? school? 3 kids? household?) totally forgot about this post. So, my memories are kind of fading. I do remember, though, that I used store-bought dried apples and French apple cider (with 2% alcohol) and that I really liked this bread. It made fantastic toast! I really wanted to make it again, but by the time I got to it, the apple cider was gone (Thanks, hubby!!!).


3 responses to “Mellow Bakers February 2011 – Normandie Apple Bread

  1. Looks so good, Andrea! I’m hoping to get to this one before the end of the month…not much time left….

  2. I loved this bread too. It wasn’t as apple-y as I’d expected (I mean the bread, not the dried apples, of course), but that just made it more versatile! I made it last fall with apple cider from a local pick-your-own farm when I impulse bought a gallon of cider and realized we’d never drink it all!

  3. Apples in bread sounds just wonderful to me…I know we would like to try this one. Looks great!

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