Bake! – Tiger Rolls

My Twitter pals (see here for Kayte’s post and here for Phyl’s post) made the tiger rolls before I got my very own copy of “Bake!”, so I’m trying to catch up now and baked them “via” Twitter with Marthe. The recipe is relatively quick to make – you need the one-step bread dough from page 64, and once it has risen, you shape the rolls and top them with a mixture of rice flour, yeast, warm water, sugar, salt and olive oil. Everything went really smooth, except for the baking. The recipe says to bake the rolls for 25-30 minutes at 375°F, but even after 40 minutes the topping wasn’t as a nicely colored as in the book. I pulled them out then anyway. I immediately had one roll with butter and homemade jam – it was awesome. I saved the remaining ones for breakfast the next day, but was REALLY disappointed. By then, they had become really dense and tasted like quick, yeast-risen bread which it actually is. So beware – eat them immediately after baking!


One response to “Bake! – Tiger Rolls

  1. These were so cute and such fun to make. When Phyl picked them I was a little skeptical but we really liked them a lot. I did not have a problem with them the next day. I stored them in plastic baggies and they were fine…we only had a couple left so I would need to make again to see what happens. They were certainly different to make and eat!

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