Modern Baker Challenge: Corn Pudding Tart

The third recipe I made from the Savory Tarts section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Corn Pudding Tart. Phyl and Margaret have made it already and liked it. I LOVE corn, so I was sure I would love this tart. I chose the no-roll flaky dough for this tart as I really liked it in the Ham and Egg Tart. And, to be honest, I’m really NOT good at rolling out dough, so the no-roll dough was perfect for me. I used frozen corn as there is no fresh corn available here, and I shredded 2/3 of it in the food processor because I couldn’t picture myself grating single kernels. Everything else was easily put together. Did I like this tart? YES. Will I make it again? Probably not, because the kids thought it was disgusting. Eh?

4 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge: Corn Pudding Tart

  1. LOL on the kids…what do they know anyway??? lol It looks very pretty and delicious from here. I can never get that no roll dough even, I have the worst time trying to think how much I have in each area so I like rolling the dough so I can actually see it and how uneven or not I have it…either way, it is good dough!

  2. Looks good. I think you should make it again when the corn is fresh, even if the kids don’t appreciate it. You could always do a few minis for yourself.

  3. Heehee…I’ve been experiencing fussy-eater kids myself lately! =) The corn tart looks great! I keep meaning to try it, but never seem to have the scallions in the fridge when I need them.

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