Modern Baker Challenge: Ham and Egg Tart

Another great tart from Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker”. This is the second recipe I made from the new section for the Modern Baker Challenge. I’m not a big fan of ham (or meat in general), but my kids and the hubby don’t mind ham at all, so I thought this would be a nice meal for them for my weekend away (nope, no free time for mommy – 2 long study days instead!). This tart is easy to prepare, the crust (no-roll flaky dough) is even easier than the one (olive-oil dough) for my Roasted Peppers & Goat Cheese Tart in that you don’t have to roll it out but kind of press the crumbs into the pan. And the filling? A quick milk, cream and egg mixture with a little seasoning – that’s it. Everybody loved this tart –  and since they left a slice for me I can also say it was good despite my dislike for ham! Btw, you can find the recipe here.


7 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge: Ham and Egg Tart

  1. Looks great, Andrea! We all loved this one, too!

  2. Looks delicious. I am making this one on Wednesday, at least that it the plan now and I have all the ingredients for it. A very good recommendation if you enjoyed it since you don’t really care for ham that much!

  3. Looks really good, Andrea. Glad everyone liked it.

  4. I would love this tart too. All my favorites and quite easy to make.

  5. Can't Believe We Ate...

    What a lovely tart!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 30 Minute Thursdays is very easy on the rules… Select the recipe you’d like to cook, post it on Thursday, send me the link! I’d love to have you join us! I usually cook on Tuesday, post on Thursday. Happy cooking!

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