Mellow Bakers January 2011 – Golden Raisin Bread

My third and last bread this month for the Mellow Bakers was the Golden Raisin Bread. I was kind of irritated when I read that this was a bread with a liquid levain – a sour bread with raisins? Weird… IMHO raisins are great in a soft and really white bread. BUT: this bread was GREAT! It makes fantastic toast, and as Ulrike said: it’s REALLY good with cheese. I thought that sounded strange, but I tried it anyway, and must say Ulrike is absolutely right! Thanks for this idea!


4 responses to “Mellow Bakers January 2011 – Golden Raisin Bread

  1. Dann solltest du auch noch alternativ Leberwurst probieren 😉

  2. Ulrike is always right in all matters bread!! She is the reason I wanted to start making my own bread. Aren’t her breads wonderful? So are yours…this one looks really great, too!

  3. I like the rustic look of your boule. Growing up I used to eat raisin bread as well as raisin rolls, which had a texture that was between a soft bread and a dense bread. In Holland we call them “Krentebrood” (“krentjebroodjes” for rolls). Didn’t know you were German 🙂 I think “broodjes” are “broetchen” in German.

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