Bake! – New Orleans Praline Pound Cake

Some of my Twitter pals were baking Nick Malgieri’s New Orleans Praline Pound Cake last weekend (PhylMargaret, Kayte and Abby), and everybody was so excited about the result that I decided to make it, too. Yes, the whole process was super easy, but for some reason I wasn’t as excited about this cake as everybody else. It’s fine, but not a recipe I’ll make again.


3 responses to “Bake! – New Orleans Praline Pound Cake

  1. It looks great, even if you weren’t crazy about it. Try the vanilla bean or just the regular recipe and see what you think.

  2. It looks really good from here. I love the look of the top of that loaf, and the inside is lovely. Sorry you didn’t like it too much and wish I lived closer as we loved it and would have been happy to make a trade with you! Fun to bake with you.

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