Mellow Bakers January 2011: Three-Stage 70% Sourdough Rye

Not much to say about this Mellow Bakers bread: definitely not a repeat! When I mixed the dough I already knew this wouldn’t work out because it looked and felt like wallpaper paste. Hamelman says “the dough will be sticky, but avoid any inclination to add flour”, so I didn’t add flour, but it was absolutely impossible to shape the dough. I finally put two big wallpaper paste blobs on the baking sheet, put it in the oven and hoped for the best.  But my hopes weren’t fulfilled: 2 ugly blobs, and after 24 hours of giving the crumb time to stabilize it was still moist and dense. Klitschig, as we’d say (aka slackbaked?)…

13 responses to “Mellow Bakers January 2011: Three-Stage 70% Sourdough Rye

  1. I wonder if it would go better in a tin? I will approach this one with trepidation.. From memory when I have made 100% rye it was always fairly similar to wall paper paste, rye doesn’t have gluten like wheat does it? and I used to spoon it into the tin, smooth the top with a dough scraper and a little water, dust it with flour, or seeds and then just leave it till it had risen as high as I thought it was going and baked in the tin. Maybe this dough needs to be treated like that? Quick, make something else to ‘take the taste away’ ! x Jo

  2. How did you get the right temperatures for the three stages?

    • Not sure the temperatures were perfect, but I moved the dough around… first stage was in front of the heating in the living room, second stage was room temperature and last stage was right above the heating…

  3. Hm, your post makes me very nervous about this one . . . . . But good for you for being finished with TWO MB breads already!

  4. I made the 80/20 version with Manitoba flour, dough cleared the bowl.
    ©Sauerteigbrot 80-20 mit 3-Stufensauerteig 002
    No problems so far.
    Verdict: It’s the flour!

  5. Interesting reading everyone’s comments on this bread. Frustrating to read that it didn’t work out for you. Hmmm…not sure I would try this one, it looks/sounds a bit risky.

  6. I made the 90% sourdough rye. I was pleased with how it turned out. I used the light in my oven to get the right temperature or at least a reasonable facsimile. I gave the bread away to someone I thought might enjoy it more than I would. He did!

  7. One should stay away from wallpaper paste…

  8. what kind of rye did you use? did you use high gluten flour? King Arthur AP may not work for this dough..

  9. It’s as interesting to read about a failure in bread baking as about successes – we learn more from the failures! Your friends comments are helpful, too.

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