Modern Baker Challenge: Nonna’s Pizza

I know it’s January already and we have started a new section in Malgieri’s book “The Modern Baker” as part of the Modern Baker Challenge, but Nonna’s Pizza from the previous section was still on my to-do list, so I got all the ingredients to try this recipe today.

The recipe does look a little unexciting, plain focaccia dough with tomatoes and some cheese – that’s it. I made the thick-crusted pizza dough last night and stuck it into the fridge for the second rise – this morning about 3 hours before baking I took it out of the fridge to let it warm up a little bit.Then I preheated the oven and meanwhile I topped the pizza with canned pizza tomatoes, chopped mozzarella, finely grated Pecorino Romano cheese, dried oregano and olive oil. Into the oven it went and after 30 minutes we had yummy vegetarian pizza. My kids LOVED it and asked for seconds.

Verdict: Yes, the dough was quite soft and difficult to work with – scraping it into the pan was fine, but filling the pan by pressing down the dough with the fingers resulted in a mess both on my fingers and on the pan. But finally, it kind of worked out. Definitely a keeper recipe!


6 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge: Nonna’s Pizza

  1. The pictures of the pizza look scrumptious! I may have to go back and try this one!

  2. I wasn’t sure about this one, either, with the ultra-simple ingredients. But it was really good!

  3. Just made this Friday and didn’t get a chance to post. may later. loved the thick crust for this one.

    Just spread out on a pizza stone and it worked perfectly.

    Pizza looks delilsh!!

    • I LOVE thick-crusted pizza. Hubby doesn’t, that’s why he had a really really German dish today (from North Germany): kale and knackwurst (which I truly HATE).

  4. Love it! Oh how I love pizza!!

  5. Looks really delicious. We loved this recipe and I have made it several times since because it was easy, worked out well, and tasted delicious. Yours looks very tasty indeed. Love cooking with you in this group…fun to see what you make and encourages me to move forward.

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