Some more holiday baking

It's December, it's winter, and we have tons of snow - lamp on our picnic table

I did not only make biscotti in December, but also spent my time with making: Peter Reinhart’s Stollen, Pandoro, sugar cookies, toblerone shortbread cookies, lime meltaway cookies, white chocolate Brazil nut cookies, cinnamon pecan breakfast ring, Bittman’s refrigerator cookies and semolina bread. Unfortunately, there is no time to blog about all of them – I don’t even have pictures of all my creations.  So, here’s just a little collage of the pictures I’ve got ;-).


5 responses to “Some more holiday baking

  1. Love the snow picture! Looks like your winter is pretty similar to ours. =) Glad your semolina bread turned out . . . maybe I should’ve tried it without the fennel (although hubby really liked that taste, so who knows).

  2. Oooh look at your pandoro!!! It’s beautiful. Another festive bread I dream about making. Happy New Year Andrea 😀

  3. Your breads are beautiful–the flour pattern on the semolina is perfect, and I have to admit I envy your star mold for the pandoro loaf.

    • I have used that mold for devil’s cake before, but that was a major flop because the star tips were awfully dry… But the pandoro was fine, even though I have to admit that the look was better than the taste ;o).

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