Modern Baker Challenge: Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Babka

Next up in the Modern Baker Challenge – Chocolate Babka. I’ve made Peter Reinhart’s Chocolate Cinnamon Babka from ABED before and wasn’t really convinced (it was just dry and tasted like bread with chocolate chunks), so I was  a little hesitant to approach this recipe. But Phyl’s and Margaret’s rave reviews raised my hope that Malgieri’s recipe would be different.

Working with the dough was quite difficult because it was really slack! I had no idea how I’d be able to roll it up and put it in my Gugelhupf (aka Kugelhupf, Gugelhopf, Bundt cake) pan. Due to the addition of pecans (what a WONDERFUL idea – sooooo delicious!!!!!) it was so complicated to transfer the ring to the pan, that I started getting frustrated. But I have to admit: the flavor totally compensated for the complications in shaping and manageability.

My kids asked for more, but I put half of the babka into the freezer so we could have some on a lazy weekend. I guess, this coming weekend is THE weekend: the hubby is gone (SOCCER!), I’m home alone with my 3 little ones => it’s BABKA time!!! 😉

6 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge: Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Babka

  1. Looks absolutely delicious! Save a piece for me 🙂

  2. Oh yum! That looks wonderful. Can’t wait to try that recipe.

  3. Looks great! Glad you finally found a babka recipe you like.

  4. It looks so festive, doesn’t it? I think I need to make this for the holidays, I think, don’t you? Very nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Looks perfect and sounds delicious! =) Enjoy the weekend with the kiddos!

  6. Great idea to save part of it. I always have that intention but end up eating an extra piece…. piece after piece…. and then it’s all gone.

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