Mellow Bakers October 2010 – Challah

Ok, so here’s my October bread for the Mellow Bakers. I’m not a big fan of potatoes in bread, and I wasn’t in the mood to make pretzels, either, so the only bread I made was Challah. I’ve made challah before for the BBA Challenge, which I completely used for French toast which was amazing, so I was kind of curious how plain challah would be like.

I decided to make a half recipe only because 3 lb, 7 oz sounded like a lot to me. The dough came together easily, and once it was time for braiding I decided to try the Winston knot which I had seen in Celia’s blog post. I divided the dough into 6 equal parts, shaped them into strands and tried my best at shaping the Winston knot. The technique wasn’t difficult, but my strands weren’t long enough. It looked pretty, though. Then I sat it aside for a rise, but after 2 hours not much had happened. I preheated the oven, stuck the dough into the oven, and the loaf kind of exploded. I’ve never experienced such an oven spring before! Unfortunately, after baking the Winston knot wasn’t recognizable as such. I probably have braided the strands too tightly, and the 3-strands-design wasn’t visible at all anymore. Oh well, I’ll give it another try!

And what about the taste test? Well, the plain challah is not my cup of tea, I’d say… Way too eggy for my tastebuds!!! I compared the baker’s percentages with the ones from the BBA challenge – they are about the same. So I guess, something happens to the bread when it is used for French toast, because I didn’t notice an eggy aftertaste then at all and thought it was just heavenly! So, next time I make challah, I’ll use it for French toast again!


One response to “Mellow Bakers October 2010 – Challah

  1. A, thanks for the shoutout! It is a very eggy bread, isn’t it? The WK is tricky if the logs aren’t long enough (as was the case in my first two attempts!), but your loaf looks very golden and tender nonetheless! 🙂

    I sent you a reply to your PM about the cheese – not sure if you got it? Thanks..

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