Modern Baker Challenge – Quick Brioche Braid

My second assigned bread in the yeast-risen specialties section of Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker” that I baked for the Modern Baker Challenge was the Quick Brioche Braid. I had made brioche for the BBA Challenge before, but had chosen the Poor Man’s Brioche to save on butter – the result was a plain white sandwich bread, nothing special or surprising.

This time I wanted to have a REAL brioche and didn’t care about the big amount of butter at all. I had to make a half batch because my food processor is really tiny which also explains why I can’t really relate to the word “quick” in the title. Using my teeny-weeny food processor was a pain, but I wanted to do it right.  I didn’t go with Malgieri’s cup measurements for the flour, though – I used a weighed measure of 4.6 oz per cup. I guess, the amount was about right because braiding the dough was not as difficult as I had expected. Tastewise, the result was great – everybody just loved it for breakfast. Slightly sweet and buttery, almost like  German pound cake – yum! Still thinking about making Peter Reinhart’s Middle Class Brioche, though, to see if preparing the dough is less annoying than Malgieri’s version.

7 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge – Quick Brioche Braid

  1. That one you’ve just made looks scrumptious !

    I don’t know the Malgieri book but the couple of brioches I have made all require sitting in the fridge overnight, so I never think of them as quick. I love the Reinhart names for the Brioche, too funny ! There are so many different versions of them. It’s finding the one that gives you enough buttery taste and eggs, but using the least you can get away with that’s the challenge isn’t it?

  2. This is so pretty…love the color you got on this, just beautiful. I made all three of the BBA brioche and we liked the middle version of the brioche the best…the full version was just kind of too buttery if there is such a thing! I am eager to try this one now that I have seen what a lovely color you got on yours, I hope I do as well.

  3. Nice job! I made all 3 BBA versions as well, and I’m with Kayte — I liked the Middle Class version the best. I didn’t find the Rich Man’s too buttery. I just couldn’t tell much difference between the two, so it seemed wasteful to use the extra butter.

  4. I’m getting tempted to try this one now! The middle class brioche was my favorite and yes it is less annoying. I only have a little miniprep food processor so I know your woes with NM’s recipes.

  5. I use Reinhart’s Middle Class Brioche as my go-to brioche recipe. It tastes more like what you think of when you think the word ‘brioche’. Using his method of shaping into individual rolls is a winner for me, I just place into muffin pans and that’s what we use for burger buns when I’ve made a batch. Mmm!!

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