Modern Baker Challenge – Perfect Elephant Ears and Instant Puff Pastry

Sara made them, Phyl made them, and then my daughter told me that in cooking class they made them, too – elephant ears, or pig’s ears as we say in German. This is another recipe from the Modern Baker Challenge – one we won’t get to for about another year or so, but I was so eager to make them that I just couldn’t wait.

Making the instant puff pastry was quite easy. I never would have imagined how easy it really was. No multiple rollings of dough and butter, no multiple chillings in the fridge… Just some flour, butter, salt and water and a food processor. Some pressing, some folding… Easy-peasy.

I then decided that I wanted to make a half batch of savory elephant ears and a half batch of sweet elephant ears.

For the savory elephant ears, I sprinkled the dough with some paprika and shredded gouda and then began the shaping procedure. This was a little tricky because of the shredded cheese, but in the end they looked like elephant ears, so I think I did it right. I baked them for about 25 minutes until I thought the color was right – I think because of the cheese it takes longer for the dough to puff. Anyway, these were yummy!!!!

For the sweet elephant ears I sprinkled the counter and the dough with quite a bit of sugar and then again followed the shaping instructions. Again, I was having trouble and I’m not sure I really understood the instructions, but as the final result looked fine I think it was ok. There is still room for improvement, though. The sweet version was extremely yummy, too, and I wonder why I’ve never eaten elephant ears before. We do have them here in Germany (even though they are called pig’s ears) but for some reason I’ve never tried them – they don’t look very appealing, and the name pig’s ears maybe scared me off, too.

My final verdict: making the puff pastry was super easy and both the savory and the sweet version were addictive!!!!


10 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge – Perfect Elephant Ears and Instant Puff Pastry

  1. They look perfect! I may have to follow your (and Phyl and Sara’s) lead and try these soon. I’ve never had this type of elephant ear, but they look so good!

  2. Those look great! I really want to try a savory version now. Great post!

  3. Those look yummy! In a strange coincidence, I made Palmiers (French for Elephant Ears) this week, too. I used the quick puff pastry from The Art & Soul of Baking. I try not to make them too often, since I could easily eat them all myself. =)

  4. Addicting…ooohhh, not sure I should make anything that is so addicting…lol! They look way way too good to me. I know, I will make them when there are lots of people around to eat them. Yours look great.

  5. LOL…I am at the office and I am having my coffee break and guess what I am eating…yes, elephant ears. I am sure yours are much better.

  6. I would have never considered doing a savory version. I have such a sweet tooth. They sound good though. Good idea to do half and half. Hmm… now I really want to try these! You are all such a bad influence.

  7. I had them first in Spain and remember the skinny Spanish girls eating massively sized ones. They seemed to have such a thick glaze they didn’t look appealing either. I think ours were probably tastier anyway. If puff pastry is done poorly it’s really awful. I.e. When they cut corners with the butter!

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