Modern Baker Challenge – Parisian Fruit Tartlets

When I read that Abby had made the Parisian Fruit Tarts from The Modern Baker I immediately knew I had to make them, too, because the picture was mouth-watering! 

From Abby’s post I knew that the crust was a little tricky, thus I decided to make tartlets instead of one big tart crust. The crust dough itself, was simple to make. Instead of regular butter, I had to use lactose-free butter because we were expecting guests with lactose intolerance. Problems started when I tried to scrape the dough into the tartlet pans: the dough was really wet and sticky and it was a quite a challenge to fill in all the holes that opened up while trying to cover the bottom of the tartlet forms. And it got even worse: after baking I couldn’t get them out of the pans, they would crumble all over the place. So I decided the crusts had to stay in the pans.

The rest was easy, even though I had to adapt the pastry cream recipe a little bit to be lactose-free – I used rice milk and lactose-free whipping cream.  I put the pastry cream and fruit (blackberries, blueberries and raspberries) on the tartlet crusts which were still in the  pans and told my guests to just spoon them out. That was kind of weird – oh well… But delicious it was!!!!

Btw, I didn’t make the apricot preserve glaze – I thought the tartlets were perfectly fine without the glaze.


8 responses to “Modern Baker Challenge – Parisian Fruit Tartlets

  1. Looks great! I’ve never heard of lactose-free butter. I’m lactose intollerant,too, but luckily I can handle butter OK.

    • I don’t know if there’s lactose-free butter in the US, but there is in Germany… It’s called “Minus L” Butter. It’s actually not really lactose-free, but has less than 0,1 gram lactose per 100 g milk.

  2. Wow!! Makes me want berry season to start all over again!

  3. They look just beautiful, Andrea!

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