The Modern Baker Challenge – Chocolate Raspberry Almond Tart

When my friend Sara made the Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart from “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri she said it was one of the most delicious things she has ever made. Of course, I had to try the recipe, too – it was my birthday last month, after all.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to use hazelnuts because of my allergies, but I always take almonds when a recipe calls for hazelnuts. Thus, I sent out the hubby to get all the ingredients. The recipe also calls for bittersweet chocolate. The hubby came back with this:

At the first glance, does this look like plain bittersweet chocolate? I think, most of you would agree, it doesn’t. I told the hubby he bought the wrong chocolate – he looked at it and asked me: “What’s wrong with it?”. I said “I need PLAIN bittersweet chocolate”. He asked “So?”. I said “Well, this one is raspberry flavored”. Well, yes, I had to point out the GIANT raspberries on the cover to him. Anyway, I don’t think that raspberries and oranges are a good combination, so I decided to omit the orange zest and rename the tart into Chocolate Raspberry Almond Tart.

Putting the crust together (NM suggested the nut tart dough – I again used chopped almonds instead of hazelnuts) was fairly easy. I stuck it into the fridge to assemble the tart the next day. I pressed the dough into the pan and started making the filling which consists of cream, sugar, butter, the RASPBERRY 🙂 chocolate and eggs. This  is filled into the tart crust, and chopped almonds are scattered on top. Then I baked the tart for 25 minutes at 350°F and cooled it completely before I decorated it with the chocolate and butter mixture.

I can second Sara’s opinion: this tart is delicious!!! Of course, I want to make the orange version soon, because I think that chocolate and orange are an awesome combination.


8 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge – Chocolate Raspberry Almond Tart

  1. This is right up my alley…..dark chocolate and rasp’s

  2. Well, not only does it have raspberries on the packaging, the word “Himbeere” is printed on there in gold foil. Maybe he just paid attention to the 70% up top.

    In any case, it looks fan-tastic and is making me crave chocolate!

  3. Gorgeous! And I agree about chocolate/orange combo. One of my favorites.

    p.s. Happy (belated) birthday!

  4. I think your Michael and my Michael will get along well. Sigh…Raspberry is a pretty good “oops” though!

  5. You all are killing me with all these wonderful looking Modern Baker sweets. Should we be baking out of order and skip to one of these sections next?!?

  6. Oh my, would you please send a piece of this to my house right now?! =) Raspberry and chocolate is one of my favorite all-time combinations. This tart looks fantastic!!

  7. Oh wow! I cannot wait to try this one. You are such bad temptresses! I’ll have to remember your raspberry chocolate idea. I mush prefer that combo to orange and chocolate. Sometimes oblivious husbands stumble upon the best stuff.

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