The Modern Baker Challenge: Breads – Turkish Flatbread

Just before our vacation, Phyl asked me if I minded claiming another recipe from the bread section because there were two recipes nobody seemed to care about. So, here’s my second official bread for the Modern Baker Challenge – Turkish Flatbread.

This was an easy bread, too. From start to finish, it took about 2 1/2 hours. When I wrote about my disappointment with the Cornetti from the bread section, Abby commented: “Part of me wonders if, after spending so much time with P.R. (aka Peter Reinhart) and J.H. (aka Jeffrey Hamelman) who work sooo hard to get the most flavor out of breads, we will not be happy with N.M.’s bread recipes, which seemed designed for speed and simplicity”. I, too, wonder if this might be true. Yes, the recipe was easy and quick, but the result was not more than ok. The hubby and my kids liked it, but I know it was not a real Turkish flatbread what I served them. It was WAY too dense! And way too salty.

Here in Germany, you get Turkish flatbread (pide) everywhere. Germany has lots of Turkish immigrants, and Kreuzberg, a district in Berlin, is called Little Istanbul (Küçük Istanbul) because of its many Turkish citizens, mosques, Turkish shops etc. Thus, I’ve eaten Turkish flatbreads quite often and was hoping this recipe would result in those yummy Turkish flatbreads I know. But that didn’t happen. The crumb was very dense, whereas the pide I know has a very open, fluffy crumb. It wasn’t really bad, but didn’t meet my expectations at all. I served it with very yummy homemade muhammara which is a roasted red bell pepper & walnut dip.

10 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Breads – Turkish Flatbread

  1. I’ve wondered about how the breads in this book will stack up against BBA and Bread, too, but I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. Since NM’s focus is on fast, easy recipes for the home baker, I would expect them to be different than artisan breads. But I was hoping they’s be really good, too.

    I was happier with this bread than you were. Mine was a lot puffier. I’ve never had real Turkish bread, so I didn’t know what to compare it to, but it was tasty.

    I don’t know if you’ve tried the pitas yet, but they’re really good.

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  3. I’m sad that this one disappointed you, too. I think I may just have to go light on my participation in this section, and then go full-force once we hit the next sections (which look great)……

  4. To be honest, when I was looking at this book and thinking about baking my way through it (before I came up with the idea of the Challenge), I figured I’d probably skip the Breads section. Having made artisan breads for several years, and on the tail of the BBA Challenge, I didn’t expect much from these breads.

    What I really wanted (and still want) to learn from Nick is cakes, pies, and tarts. And, based on the Quick Breads section, I think he has a lot to teach me about baking things with which I don’t have a lot of experience.

    So, let’s hang in there through the Breads and get back to the stuff NM is really good at!

  5. I agree on your assessment. I’m in the midst of the BBA right now and find I’d rather bake from that book since the breads seem like they’ll be more a hit around my house. I’m very eager to try the rest of the cookbook, but I might take it slow through this section.

  6. Your bread looks wonderful…am not sure what it is supposed to look like, so to me this looks great. I am thinking that it is nice to be able to compare the BBA and Bread versions of these recipes as I am not sure I would appreciate just how wonderful they are without some kind of comparison. Although I am planning to make all the breads in this section, it is championship swim season here and I have a nationally ranked swimmer, so there is not much baking getting done. I will, though, I promise!

  7. These are the best. I just wish I lived near you…your house must smell heveanly….

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  9. Since I have never had any Turkish breads I won’t know if it’s good or not, just whether we like them or not. IT looks delicious.

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