The Modern Baker Challenge: Breads – Cornetti (Olive-Oil Rolls from Bologna)

This is my official bread in the Modern Baker Challenge – Cornetti. What a funny coincidence that I am hosting Bread Baking Day #32 this month, the theme of which is “Italian Breads”. I was a little disappointed with the outcome and thought of making them again, but we are leaving for vacation soon and I don’t know if I have enough time to bake them again before August 1. If so, I’ll update this post with hopefully better results and better pictures.

The recipe doesn’t look very complicated. Yes, the shaping is rather time consuming, but everything seems to be manageable. But when the dough isn’t cooperating (which it wasn’t in my case) it’s simply impossible to follow the instructions. I have no idea what was wrong with my dough, but it was far from shapeable. So I added more flour. Then I tried the whole rolling-out, cutting-in-triangles and rolling-up procedure. In the end, you criss-cross two rolled-up triangles.  I have no idea what that last step is good for. First, you get GIANT rolls – and with 3 little kids in the house, I prefer smaller portions. Secondly, the final rolls look like giant blobs. After baking, I could hardly detect the different layers that should have been there from rolling up the dough. Flavor wise, they were a flop in my house. The kids and the hubby would eat them, but asked me to not make them again. I thought the flavor was ok, but far from excellent. Toasted, they were better. But still…

I look forward to reading all the other fellow Modern Bakers’ posts about this bread so I can learn from them and maybe start a second attempt (a batch, that is WAY smaller, though).

12 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Breads – Cornetti (Olive-Oil Rolls from Bologna)

  1. Well, whatever you did, it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to get to this one. I have been so lax on the breads as just heating up the oven has not been something I have wanted to do much of this summer. I would rather be out swimming, so bread may have to wait. In the meantime, I will enjoy seeing yours!

  2. They look good to me! I know how you feel though. It’s hard when you up so much effort into something and they don’t turn out like you’d like. Sorry, they were flops. So far I haven’t found a bread recipe of his that I think is a redo.

  3. I completely agree about the need for smaller portions!! Part of me wonders if, after spending so much time with P.R. and J.H. who work sooo hard to get the most flavor out of breads, we will not be happy with N.M.’s bread recipes, which seemed designed for speed and simplicity. But hopefully I’ll be wrong and we’ll find a few excellent ones! =)

  4. It does look good but yes after all that time and effort you do want a fabulous and tasty bread. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

  5. I am not a baker…this looks fab to me

  6. Well your picture certainly makes it look like a success. That’s too bad that you weren’t thrilled with the final result. Especially after all the hard work. It kinda makes me nervous to try it if the more experienced break makers of this group aren’t thrilled with Nick’s bread recipes. I’ll definitely be checking back to see if you do a second trial. Good luck!

  7. very nice..would like to try these 🙂

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  9. Looking forward to making them. Sorry these didn’t work. I hope you do them again to give the rest of us hope!!!

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  11. Sorry you thought they didn’t turn out. But then again, I always change a recipe and hope it turns out. If not, I just chalk it up and do better the next time. Sometimes, I just find a new recipe that does turn out and yeah, I am happy again!

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