The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Ginger Scones with Almond Topping

I made the ginger scones for the Modern Baker Challenge quite a while ago, but didn’t get to post about them. I have NO idea where my pictures of the ginger scones are – I know I took one or two pictures, but they are nowhere to be found. This is not a tragedy, though, because they were not a big hit here. I did make my own crystallized ginger following a recipe by David Lebovitz. It took FOREVER to dry – like 3 days, or so. The scones weren’t difficult to make, but the result was disappointing. They were dry, the ginger was almost not noticeable, the almond topping fell off…. This is not a recipe I’ll make again.

5 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Ginger Scones with Almond Topping

  1. Too bad you didn’t like them. They were a huge hit in my house. I’ve made them a few times. I guess they can’t all be winners for everyone.

  2. I wasn’t really sure about these . . . kinda glad I didn’t make them now! =)

  3. Oh, too bad, after all that work doing your own ginger and all…we loved these…as a matter of fact, I think they were my favorites of everything we made in this section. Guys were okay on them, but they liked others better. Am sort of missing this section already!

  4. We all have one of those days. I dreamt of a dish and it was beautiful. I went to execute it and it was a disaster.

    I usually buy the crystallized ginger. Now they aslo sell in individual packs packed like sugar granuals and I just add a packet to my tea. Have not used it in cooking…when I do will let you know.

  5. I wasn’t a fan either. Not my favorite by a long shot.

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