Mellow Bakers June 2010 – Beer Bread and Pizza

Yes, I DID bake all the Mellow Bakers June breads – I’m a good girl ;-).  I didn’t get around to post about them, though. Until now… And it’s going to be a very mellow post again – life is still a bit hectic (Soccer World Cup – Germany is playing England right NOW, lots of thinking about my career….).

Beer Bread

For the beer bread I ordered some special dehusked roasted malted barley (Carafa II Special). I’ve learned it is used for making dark beer, like Bockbier or Schwarzbier. So I got some Schwarzbier to make the bread. I really had trouble mixing the dough because I hate beer and the smell was kind of (well, a lot) disgusting. But I’m a good wife to my husband ;-), and he loves beer, so I figured he’d love beer bread. And yes, he did. Tastewise, it was ok for me, a little bitter, but definitely not as beery as I had expected. Even the kids would eat it. Go figure!!!


This recipe is AMAZING!!!! My new favorite pizza dough recipe! I made the BBA Pizza Napoletana and  liked  it, and after Abby’s rave review I made the neo-Neopolitan Pizza from Reinhart’s “Artisan Breads Every Day” and liked it even more. But this pizza recipe is even better! And the best, it’s sooo easy-peasy! This is definitely a keeper!


8 responses to “Mellow Bakers June 2010 – Beer Bread and Pizza

  1. I wish I lived next door to you.

  2. Oh my gosh that pizza looks so good!!! And what goes better with pizza than beer?? Beer bread apparently!!! Great job!

  3. Mmm, the picture of your pizza is making me hungry! =) Looks awesome! So glad you loved this recipe, too. Your beer bread turned out really dark like mine; wonder if it was the type of beer we used?

  4. Amazingly beery looking bread that! Glad to hear the family liked it too 🙂

  5. That beer bread is fascinating-it looks like a chocolate loaf at first! 😀

  6. That pizza looks awesome, would love a slice right now!

  7. Oh, both the beer bread and the pizza look fabulous! I’m totally craving a loaf of that bread, though. Just the term dehusked roasted malted barley makes me hungry, LOL!! YUM =)

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