The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Whole Grain Apple Raisin Bread

My next bread in the Modern Baker Challenge was the Whole Grain Apple Raisin Bread. I had very low expectations for this recipe. I don’t even know why because I like whole grain, apples and raisins. I think it was the picture in the book “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri that totally put me off – it just looked awfully dry. But Kayte’s picture and her verdict about the bread convinced me to try the recipe.

The recipe calls for all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, baking soda, ground cinnamon, eggs, light brown sugar, oil, raisins, walnut pieces and tart apples. I had some trouble grating the apple because I used a new attachment for my kitchen machine, and somehow it doesn’t do yet what I want it to do. The result I got was almost like apple sauce – I guess, I have to check the manual again. I didn’t include walnut pieces because I find them way too expensive as I already wrote here. So I opted for almond pieces which are a lot cheaper.

After 40 minutes of baking, the toothpick didn’t come out clean. So I checked again after  5 minutes – still not clean, and after yet another 5 minutes it was finally done. I think it needed some more time in the oven because the “grated” apples were really juicy and thus the batter was very moist. We didn’t wait until the bread had completely cooled, but cut some slices about 5 minutes after I had taken the bread out of the oven. My verdict: It was wonderful! I am soooo going to make this again. It’s moist, and the flavor of the apples goes really well with the cinnamon. Also, the bread has a nice crunch which is due to the almond pieces. YUM!

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6 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Whole Grain Apple Raisin Bread

  1. Nice job. This was a delicious bread, wasn’t it? I loved the sweetness of the apples and the crunch from the nuts. Definitely one to make again.

  2. Ah, thanks for the shout out. We did love this bread, so am happy I didn’t steer you wrong. Yours looks wonderful. It is such fun to read what people sub or change or do differently…I learn a ton from all that! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad it was a crowd pleaser. I’ve been avoiding it because of the raisins, but am contemplating giving it a try without raisins because everyone has such great things to say about the bread. Good job!

  4. looks moist and delicious.

  5. Hey, I was planning to make this tonight! I’m so glad to read your rave review. This sounds really good!

  6. Oh wow! This looks great and delicious. I’ll have to try it now that I have a new oven.

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