The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Butterscotch Scones

Butterscotch  Scones. The next recipe on the Modern Baker Challenge line-up was calling my name. I LOVE butterscotch! If I had to name one thing from the U.S. that I miss here (ok, 2 things) it would be butterscotch chips and Strawberry ‘n’ Cream Quaker Oatmeal. I KNOW – both these things are super artificial, but when I spent a year in the U.S. I wasn’t on the “everything has to be made from scratch” trip yet. Oh, there is a third thing: Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese White Cheddar. YUM. OK, I’m going to run and hide now before you come and beat me ;o). In my defense I have to say that was ELEVEN years ago. I was a student, didn’t have kids – so I hope you’ll forgive me.

Anyway, when I read the recipe in “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri, I knew I had to make it. Even though I was a little irritated by the fact because I couldn’t see how there would be any butterscotch flavor. Then I had a brilliant idea: Nicole from Bread, Butter and Buns, an expat from the Netherlands residing in Idaho, was so kind to send me 3 (!) bags of butterscotch chips when I was commeting on one of the posts (about butterscotch buns) for BBD #28 how I missed butterscotch chips. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Nicole. I really appreciate this.

Anyway, I decided to just pimp up the butterscotch scones dough with 1 cup of butterscotch chips. I believe, this was the best idea ever. As with all the other quick breads from the book, putting everything together was as easy as pie. The only problem was, the dough was no dough but batter. Almost like pancake batter. I couldn’t see how I’d be able to form disks and separate these into wedges. So I added more flour. A LOT more flour. I have no idea what was going on there. When it finally had a consistency I could work with I divided the dough into 3 portions, shaped each portion into a ball, flattened each ball into a disk and cut each disk into 8 wedges. I know, Malgieri says to cut into 4 wedges, but we have little kids in the house, and even though they would be able to eat 1 Malgieri wedge, I’d rather prefer them to eat smaller portions. Into the oven they went. The result: extremely yummy butterscotch scones. I have to say, though, that without the chips they would have been very bland – I still wonder what the butterscotch flavor would be without the chips! Any idea?

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15 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Butterscotch Scones

  1. Oh, you are so brilliant! I actually have a partially used bag of butterscotch chips that have just been waiting in my freezer for months . . . This is what I will do! I, too, love the taste of butterscotch.

    (Answered your question about eggs-in-a-nest in my post…..)

  2. Nice write up. And your scones sound wonderful! I want to try this recipe again, since I goofed on the butter. I might try some with butterscotch chips and some without to compare.

  3. Oooh butterscotch scones these sound delicious, I wish they sold butterscotch tablets in the UK 😦

  4. These look so wonderful…when I saw them I knew immediately you had put in those chips and I thought to myself…”Now how am I NOT going to do that????” I always try to make a recipe for the first time exactly as the author writes it so that I can see what it is that they intended. Now that I have seen those chips…I may waiver a bit from my tried and true method. Might. Something like “once they have seen the city lights, it is hard to keep them back down on the farm?” Something like that. Gorgeous scones.

  5. I love butterscotch too: this sounds so good! (I can’t understand the kraft mac ‘n cheese thing though: but i can forgive you since you made such great looking scones!)

  6. I am so going to use your tip and put butterscotch chips in when do this recipe! I like that you cut them up smaller too. I have young kids in the house too and usually just give my 2 year old a bite off of mine, but she’s lately started into a “I want one of my own” so cutting smaller will sure save some headaches here. Great job!!

  7. Oh yes. Butterscotch chips. On a whim I told my girlfriend to get them for me on her last business trip to the States- I’ve been waiting to use them.

    Have you been measuring the flour by cups or weight? I’ve been getting a consistent 130g per cup of flour no matter the Type. Maybe the flour was too light when it went into the cup and you had less?

    • I always go with 125 g per cup of flour. So maybe that was the problem, even though I don’t think that 15 more grams would have been better (the recipe calls for 3 cups) – I added way more than this amount. Hmm… Still wondering…

      • This is why there should be weight measurements. It would save a lot of hassle. There should be some kind of baking revolution in the States. Like a bestselling baking author includes a free scale with the book.

        David Lebovitz has weight measusements in his book, and I’ve made three recipes, all of which were fabulous. Though, actually, none had flour in them. His flour weight is 140g per cup, though.

      • Which Lebovitz book do you mean? Sweet Life in Paris? This has been on my wishlist for a while, I think I’ll get it for my birthday in July.

        You are so right about the “baking revolution”. I’m just picturing millions of bakers marching on the streets and shouting: “Stop the volume measurements! We need weight measurements!”. LOL!

  8. Hi! Great blog BTW. I too felt they needed a little extra so I added milk chocolate chips. My dough was nothing like batter…do you think maybe you over processed it after adding the wet? Just a thought. I barely processed mine, after adding the wet, and then kneaded it so it came together. You scones look great though! I may have to try it again with the butterscotch chips now.

  9. Sorry. I meant his newest: Ready For Dessert. I also have Sweet Life, and it’s a great read, but I don’t know if he uses weights in that one (probably). I also can’t really imagine cooking from it like I already have from Ready For Dessert. It’s probably the pictures.

  10. I’m a huge butterscotch fan. These sound wonderful.

  11. Wow these look delicious!!! I want them. Right now please! I see no problem with loving butterscotch chips and Kraft mac ‘n cheese. LOL! I love them too! But I live in the States and have grown up here so what can I say??

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