Visit to the Hesterberg Manor

I want to get the disappointing Chocolate Spice Bread for the Modern Baker Challenge off the top of my page, so here are a couple of pictures from today’s visit to the Hesterberg Manor (Gut Hesterberg). This is where we buy almost all of our meat because they engage in species appropriate husbandry: all the animals are free-range all year long, are grass-fed and have LOTS of space! Check out some pictures.

Canola Field

Galloway Cattle


Wild Boar



3 responses to “Visit to the Hesterberg Manor

  1. LOL on getting the choc bread off the top of the blog…I can’t tell you how many times I have thought the same thing on my own blog! This was such a great idea, I loved seeing it all…thanks so much for sharing! I almost feel as if I was there.

  2. I just went back and connected to the site you provided the link for with this post…how fun to see all the animals, the insides of the building, etc. It must be such a great time going there to shop!

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