The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Chocolate Spice Bread

The next bread on my Modern Baker Challenge line-up – Chocolate Spice Bread. We are baking our way through Nick Malgieri’s “The Modern Baker”, not necessarily in the order that is given in the book. Check my sidebar to see which breads I’ve already made.

I’m going to keep this short because I’m not too enthusiastic about this recipe. I was really looking forward to making it because it has received rave reviews so far (see the bottom of this post for other bakers who made this bread), but it turned out dense, not chocolaty and not moist enough for my tastebuds. The kids thought it was ok, but they prefer my standard devil’s food quick bread which is really fluffy and moist and extremely chocolaty. The flavor of the spice was interesting, but kind of reminded me of Christmas – maybe because of the cinnamon? Anyway, this is not a recipe I’ll make again. But I’m surprised that out of 8 quick bread recipes I’ve made so far, 6 are absolute winners!

Check out other bakers’ posts about this bread who were more enthusiastic:


8 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Chocolate Spice Bread

  1. Well, I am not a fan of chocolate in any form, so I didn’t actually taste this, but my guys all loved it! It disappeared in record time around here. Yours looks beautiful, I hope none of it went to waste b/c my guys would have been happy to help you out! I love your photo of it all.

  2. Sorry you didn’t like this one. It wasn’t my fave either, but I’m not really a quick breads fan, so I’m not sure that counts. =) The fam loved it. I was worried about it getting too dry, so I actually took it out when the toothpick was still moist. And I think I would’ve been disappointed about the lack of chocolate flavor if I hadn’t already read Phyl’s post where he warns that it’s not very chocolaty. I guess they can’t all be winners. =)

    • I also took it out when the toothpick was still a little moist, but it still was a tad too dry for me. I just re-read Phyl’s post and realized he wrote about the “lack” of chocolate flavor. I hadn’t realized that before. Maybe I wouldn’t have been that disappointed if I had remembered Phyl’s post…

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  4. I did love it, but I love all things chocolate. Even though I liked it, I’m not sure how often I’ll make it. If I’m going to bake something chocolate I think I’d rather just make a cake!

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  6. Waw!! That chocolate spice bread sings to me!!

    Looks so tasty! waw!

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