The Daring Bakers’ Challenges 04/10: Cranberry & Orange Pudding

The April 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Esther of The Lilac Kitchen. She challenged everyone to make a traditional British pudding using, if possible, a very traditional British ingredient: suet. You can find the challenge recipes here.

When I read what the challenge would be my first thought was to sit  out this month. The pictures of suet just looked so unappetizing that I could not imagine using it. But then I read that other people had concerns, too, and Esther said that using lard or butter was ok, too. Good! I bought some lard, stuck it in the fridge and forgot about the challenge. Some other day, I wanted to bake something from “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri as part of the “Modern Baker Challenge”, and the recipe called for soft brown sugar which is not at all common in Germany. I had substituted that in other recipes by adding molasses to plain white sugar, but for some reason I looked for an online source where to get soft brown sugar. Et voilà: this shop sells brown sugar. When browsing through their products, I stumbled upon Atora  shredded suet. Suet? OMG, I need suet for the Daring Bakers! And the shredded kind doesn’t even look unappetizing! Would it be here on time to use it for the Daring Bakers? Or would I have to use lard? I ordered soft brown sugar, self raising flour (which isn’t common here, either), suet and golden syrup and crossed my fingers (actually, Germans press their thumbs and don’t cross their fingers) that it would be here on time.

In the meantime, I was trying to come up with an interesting recipe. I knew that the suet brand was Atora, so I checked their website for directions how to use shredded suet. And there I found 2 interesting recipes: “Cranberry & Orange Millenium Pudding” and “Mini Steamed Puds”. I immediately knew I wanted to combine these 2 recipes to make  mini cranberry & orange steamed puds.

So I waited for the suet to arrive. And I waited. And waited. And finally it arrived. Just in time.

Here’s my mis en place: grated orange rind, breadcrumbs, orange segments, suet, golden syrup, nuts, brown sugar, self raising flour, orange marmalade, egg, and cranberries.

I decided to steam the puddings in canning jars in my electric waterbath canner, because 1) it looked like the perfect idea for steaming a pudding and 2) I wasn’t interested in all the wrapping up and securing tightly mess…

And let me tell you: it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, the kids didn’t like the result, whereas the hubby and I thought it was interesting. I don’t mean interesting in a bad sense. It was good. Very unusual for our palates, though. What I really LOVED about this pudding was the golden syrup. I’ve never had it before and I’m hooked now! Until today, my favorite syrup was maple syrup. Now, I think, it’s a tie with golden syrup.

Before you go on to the recipe, let me remind you of my Milka chocolate giveaway. You can leave a comment here until Friday, April 30, 12 pm EST.

Here’s my recipe :

Mini Cranberry & Orange Steamed Puds

(adapted from Atora)


  • 3 oz shredded suet
  • 6 oz self raising flour
  • 3 oz soft brown sugar
  • 2 oz breadcrumbs
  • 1 oz shelled assorted nuts, chopped
  • 2 oz cranberries (fresh or dried)
  • 2 oranges, grated rind and segments
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • about 1/2 cup milk
  • 3 1/2 tblsp orange marmalade
  • 7 tsp golden syrup
  • more golden syrup for serving


  1. Grease 7 x1/3 pt canning jars. Line the bases with greaseproof paper.
  2. Line each jar with orange segments, 1/2 tblsp orange marmalade and 1 tsp golden syrup.
  3. Stir together flour, suet, sugar, breadcrumbs, nuts, cranberries and orange rind. Add egg and enough milk to make a soft consistent mixture, then fold in remaining orange segments.
  4. Spoon the mixture into the jars and screw the lids on.
  5. Place the jars into boiling water of the electric waterbath canner and steam for 45 minutes.
  6. Carefully turn out the puddings onto serving plates, and serve with extra syrup.

Thanks, Esther, for hosting this month’s challenge and for making me step out of my comfort zone!


35 responses to “The Daring Bakers’ Challenges 04/10: Cranberry & Orange Pudding

  1. I love the combunation of orange and cranberry! Those must have been amazing puddings! While I am Kosher/vegetarian, I still think it is awesome that you lucked into your suet just in time for the challenge! Beautiful job, and great photos!

  2. Wow, I love the idea of using the jars. Genius! And there I was messing around with ramekins, worrying about the water getting in. I’ll definitely use little jars next time. Thanks for the tip.

    Cranberry & orange sounds (and looks) utterly beautiful. Congratulations! Ooh, and I’m a big fan of golden syrup too. It’s amazing on ice cream. 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard of golden syrup! Sounds interesting!

    • I’ve never had golden syrup before, but it reminded me of something and I couldn’t figure out what it was until today: golden syrup tastes just like Werther’s Original Hard Candies, only that it’s liquid. Do you know these? This is a popular German candy, but I know they sell it in the U.S., too.

  4. What a fantastic job – everything from the fruits to the syrup sounds delicious. And brilliant idea to use the canning jars! Considering you considered sitting this one out, I’d say you did an absolutely amazing job.

  5. Love the cranberry and orange combination – delicious.

  6. orange n cranberry in a jar…. WOW!!!! That was fabulous infact fantabulous….

    i made chocolate n apple n caramel flavours

    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts – Nachiketa

  7. I think your pudding looks delicious! Golden! Great idea the jars! Well done!

  8. Your puddings look great! I too love the combination of orange and cranberry. I agree, golden syrup is the best, only a pain to measure out!

  9. The jars really are brilliant!

    And the flavour combination, even more so 🙂

  10. I got so excited when you mentioned steaming in the canning jars I can barely stay in my seat at my desk I just want too go home and give it a try! Such a great idea. It looks like I’ll be trying more steamed puddings sooner than I anticipated!

  11. Golden syrup is a huge favourite in Australia and I would go with that – it seems like it had mixed reviews from you and the family. Great you could do it with boxed suet. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia. Lovely looking photos also.

  12. Oh I LOVE your puds! How fun and how exciting the little jars look. We don’t get golden syrup here, but wish we did! Well done on the challenge!

  13. golden syrup rocks… it’s an essential accompaniment of that other british favourite… porridge!

    well done

    • I’ve never had porridge. Have to find some recipes!

      UPDATE: Just googled some recipes and learned that porridge is made from oats. I’m an oats addict! I’m so absolutely sure I’ll love porridge!

  14. your challenge turned out so great! and using the jars with the lids was ingenious!

  15. I absolutely love golden syrup and soft brown sugar! Great purchases. Looks yummy, and I know cranberries and oranges work!

  16. Good for you for trying this…with the suet. Yours looks wonderful. I grew up with golden syrup and loved it. But my favourite is still maple syrup. When I was in Tennessee, I tried sorghum. That is delicious, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. All your efforts paid off.

  17. Your pudding looks so delicate. I really like the taste pairing of orange and cranberry. Very lovely!

  18. Hooray for golden syrup! I haven’t found it here in Manila, but I bought one in Beijing when I visited my sister last year.
    Wow thanks for the link to the Modern Baker challenge! I attended Nick Malgieri’s Modern Baker seminar here in Manila 2 years ago and watched him making some of the recipes!

  19. The pudding looks very yummy and pretty too. I love the orange cranberry combo.

  20. What a great idea to steam the puddings in jars! I love golden syrup too, and never realized it does taste like Werther’s candies. Great pictures and description.

  21. I love the idea of using cranberry and orange – sounds so delicious, and they look wonderful!

  22. Great idea to use the canning jars. That would have made it easy. It’s amazing that these products are so common here and we love the products that to you are so common place.

  23. love the flavours used.

  24. I do not know the taste of golden syrup, but it certainly looks very tasty. And I like the idea of using the jars. Great puddings!

  25. Well done on this month challenge, your pudding look superb. Cranberry and orange marmalade sound delicious for this pudding.

  26. Aww… your orange-cranberry pudding looks so cute, and wonderfully sweet! Oooooo, I want a piece right now 😛 Great job on this month’s challenge!

  27. Those look great! I have never used golden syrup, but I’ve seen it on so many puddings that I would really like to try it. Nice job on completing the challenge!

  28. Oh yes, yes indeed. I’m thinking to set your recipe aside as well 🙂 I have some leftover dried cranberries from some granola I’m making ~ nom nom!

  29. The very first cranberry and orange pudding I have seen in DB challenge. It is beautiful and the glossy look is just so tempting….

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  30. Orange and cranberry is an unusual combination to me too. Looks and sounds pretty good.

    • Yes, it does sound unusual. But since it was a recipe on the suet’s company website, I thought it must be a common combination at least in the UK. And I really liked this combination!

  31. Wow your steamed pudding looks delicious, I bet the flavours were gorgeous :).

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