Confession about the pain Poilâne

I have a confession to make… Last Wednesday I got my act together, got on the U-Bahn (subway), headed to the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin and bought the famous pain Poilâne. I was so excited about this giant 4,4 lb miche which they sold in a nice, huge paperbag (see picture below) that I could hardly wait to get home to try it.

I cut some slices for dinner, bit into one and thought: “What is all the fuss about?”. REALLY!!!! What’s wrong with me? Why am I not jumping up and down after having tasted THE bread? Is there something wrong with my tastebuds? Or is it that my German tastebuds are used to good bread (I didn’t grow up on eating wonder bread) so they don’t really realize having tasted an exceptional bread? I mean, it’s good. But not more than that. I have eaten bread like this a zillion times! Maybe I’m just blessed with a good baker here – who knows? There is one thing I know for sure: there is no need for a person living in Germany to make a detour to get this bread or to order it via the internet. Just go to a baker of your trust (Bäcker ihres Vertrauens, so to speak) who is making artisan breads.

6 responses to “Confession about the pain Poilâne

  1. This post made me giggle! I often feel that I don’t have enough of a discerning palate to participate in these bread challenges . . . one good bread is much the same as another to me. But I love baking, so on I go! You are lucky to be surrounded by such good bakeries. =) Regardless of the taste, the loaf in your photos is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Sometimes, things are just really hyped up ~ maybe it’s not just about the bread…the ambiance, experience, the whole package. Who knows? Thanks for your perspective!

  3. I so want the bag. ..

  4. Awww… It’s too bad you didn’t like it. I absolutely love it. Maybe it was a bad loaf? I sometimes get dry bread from there and sometimes I think they might have shipped it over in a refrigerated compattment. It’s tough to tell. Did you try it toasted?

    • Oh, it’s not that I didn’t like it. It was good, but not extraordinary at all. And I expected something really brilliant, which it wasn’t. Yep, it was a little dry, so maybe it was just bad luck. I didn’t try it toasted – it’s not THAT bad. I sliced it and stuck much of it in the freezer and take out what we need, so tonight we are going to have the last slices.

  5. I was at the Pain Poilane Boulangerie in Paris and didn’t buy it. I was with a gruop of 5 friends and none of them were interested (to be fair, one had food poisoning) and it felt wasteful to buy, as you say, such a big loaf.

    But now I am annoyed at myself. As I am regarding other things I wish I had done while I was still in Europe.

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