The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Blueberry Crumb Muffins

I’m still baking my way through the quick bread section of “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri, which is part of the Modern Baker Challenge invented by Phyl. I do not really bake these breads in order, I just bake whatever tickles my fancy. And last weekend, the blueberry crumb muffins tickled my fancy. Everybody who reads this and does not own the book already – get yourself a copy, because this recipe and the recipe for the cocoa banana muffins are absolutely worth buying  the whole book.

What I really liked about this recipe – I could use some of my PYO blueberries from last summer. Yes, raw-packed canned blueberries (see picture below). I had been warned by Abby that the recipe for the crumb topping makes A LOT of crumbs, so I decided to make only a half recipe. Also, the cocoa banana muffins recipe made more than 18 muffins instead of 16 that were indicated, so I was prepared this recipe would make more than the 12 muffins indicated. And yes, I was right – I got 14 muffins. I have no idea what kind of muffin tins Malgieri uses – I thought they were all standard size. I know, that there are muffin tins for GIANT muffins, but with that kind of tin the recipe would probably make about 8 muffins or so, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t use those.  I even had the REAL American brown sugar – well, to be honest, I think the brand I got (Tate & Lyle) is British, but I didn’t have to mix sugar with molasses as I had to do for my Devil’s Food Cake (which is from “The Modern Baker”, too)- what a relief.

Anyway, these muffins are scrumptious. “Not too sweet and packed with blueberries”, as Malgieri puts it. And he is right!

Other bakers who tackled these muffins (this will be updated regularly):

8 responses to “The Modern Baker Challenge: Quick Breads – Blueberry Crumb Muffins

  1. They look beautiful, Andrea!! So glad you loved them too! I am planning to try the cocoa banana muffins as soon as my bananas ripen a little more . . . .

  2. Wow, you’ve made different kinds of nice food in your blog!

    I’m still looking for my to-die-for muffin recipe. This not too sweet and packed with blueberry one may be for me. : )

  3. Wow, just wow. Those look fantastic. I am trying to bake them in order, but you all are not making it easy as I want to jump ahead. Am afraid if I do that, I won’t make some of the ones that are less appealing. Nose to the grindstone, I cannot wait to get to these muffins!

  4. Mmmm wow these look amazing, blueberry + muffins always sounds good hehe!

  5. You make my mouth water……where do you live…I want to raid your kitchen…LOL

    • Germany…. Luckily, that’s too far away from you, otherwise I would be afraid to leave the house. I would come back and all my homemade goodies are gone – oh noooooo!

  6. I was hoping to hold out until blueberry season to do these, but everyone says their so scrumptious! I’ll have to give them a try very soon!

  7. They do look scumptious

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