Carrot showing-off

Ever since I’ve read this and this post as part of Tigress’ Can Jam Challenge, I’ve been jealous of the beautiful multi-colored carrots they had. I’ve never seen those here in Germany. But today, when I did my weekly grocery shopping, I entered the vegetable section to get some kohlrabi, and from the corner of my eye I saw this:

Aren’t they absolutely beautiful???!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! But then I realized that these were the carrots that I had read about! And the best is yet to come: they are locally grown! Of course, I have no idea yet what to make with them because this was an impulse purchase, but it definitely has to be something where the different colors are present. Thus, no carrot cake… Does anybody have a cool idea? No pickles, please – I HATE pickles!

And, NO, I won’t give them to these 2 cuties:

5 responses to “Carrot showing-off

  1. What about roasting them with fresh herbs some brown sugar or honey. They are beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. You are just like me! I also have impulse buys, get a bunch of gorgeous looking veggies and then spend hours with my cookbooks trying to figure out what to do….

    isn’t it a lot of fun? 🙂

    I will be paying attention to the replies, I hope I can get my hands in carrots like those

  3. If they are not too enormous, I would steam them whole till they are part cooked. Then melt butter and spoon of honey or brown sugar in a saucepan, optional flavourings, don’t know what you like, ginger or caraway and then pop the carrots in there and cook gently till they look glazed. That would show them off beautifully. They go a bit duller looking when you steam them though. Alternatively, grate them into separate colours and make a simple mustard, lemon and oil dressing and pile them in little mounds on a bed of salad leaves?

  4. I also love purple carrots!! I have made a dish with them on my website: carrot stoemp!

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