Bread Baking Buddies March 2010: Gluten-free No Knead Hearty Seeded Sandwich Bread

This month the Bread Baking Buddies’ recipe to follow was a gluten-free no knead hearty seed sandwich bread. Kitchen of the month was “The Sour Dough” who is afraid that after this time “her hosting duties are taken away from her because she not only made us go scurrying around trying to find strange flours BUT she made us make a bread that didn’t need to be kneaded”.

Funnily enough, I had ALL the flours on hand. No, we are not on a gluten-free diet at all, but I always have cornmeal, cornstarch and flaxseed in my pantry. As for the rice flour and tapioca starch: well, I made a trip to the Asian store some time ago and thought it wouldn’t harm to have these. See? I was right. I used some of it for the Daring Bakers’ Challenge a couple weeks ago where we had to make gluten-free Nanaimo bars, but there was and still is quite a bit left.

I have to say, though, that I will have to find something else to use up the flour because this recipe unfortunately resulted in an absolutely inedible loaf of bread. I mean, the gluten-free nanaimo bars were amazing, but this bread was just not my thing. If you want to see the recipe, head over to Mary’s.

8 responses to “Bread Baking Buddies March 2010: Gluten-free No Knead Hearty Seeded Sandwich Bread

  1. Sorry you didn’t like this! I just purchased a new knob for my cast iron so that I can bake my first loaf of no-knead bread . . . Apparently not using this recipe, though. What’d you do with it?

    • The hubby reluctantly ate some of it, the kids and I tried, but wouldn’t eat it… So the rest is on the counter now – when it’s really hard I’ll give it to our guinea pigs. They love hard bread, don’t know though if they’ll like gluten-free bread. We’ll see…

  2. I won’t be baking this one again but also I’m glad to have given this one a go. It’s given me a lot more appreciation for those who do only gluten free baking!

  3. I applaud you for taking up this challenge, too bad it didn’t work out. I agree with Tanna here!

  4. at least you tried! I too take my head off to all glutenfree bakers. But I did like to take this challenge, result good or bad. We’re learning on the way!

  5. I forgot the seeds on top, I like the way they make the loaf look. But since I overbaked it a few minutes, it gets a weird taste to it. It was fun to try though.

  6. Wow, your loaf looks so nice!! Well done 🙂

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