Do we have mice in the house????

Just have to share this story with you. I baked Mags’ oatmeal bread today, put it on the counter after baking to let it cool, worked in the backyard for about 2 hours this afternoon and saw THIS when I came inside to prepare dinner:

I was shocked. Do we have mice? No, 2 little kids… LOL! It’s so funny how little kids think that they don’t get caught. I mean, how could they think I would NOT notice what they did to the bread???? What is going on in little kids’ minds? Obviously the bread was tasty, at least…


8 responses to “Do we have mice in the house????

  1. Some might consider that a high compliment!

  2. You have little kids I have a husband..LOL

  3. Ha ha!! So funny!! Isn’t that bread great? (a little sweet, but I have a huge sweet tooth so it’s perfect for me!)

    • It’s too sweet for the hubby, but I LOVE it. I asked him if he would eat it for breakfast, and he agreed. IMHO, this makes the perfect sandwich bread!!!

  4. OMG…laughing myself silly here…LOLOL!!

    So glad you tried the bread and enjoyed it. And your mice (kids) liked it too…LOL!!!

  5. Haha lmaoo at least the “mice” liked your bread hehe!

  6. Do they try to lick off frosting too 😉

  7. OMW…ha ha ha. Of course they though you wouldn’t notice……

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