BBA Challenge #41: Whole-Wheat Bread

#41 of the BBA Challenge – Whole-Wheat Bread. This was a weird bread. Soaker + poolish + dough. Everything went fine, though, until after the first rise. The dough doubled without any problems, then I divided it into 2 pieces and formed sandwich loaves which I put in loaf pans for a another rise. Well, almost nothing happened. Not after 1 1/2 hours, not after 2 hours, and not after 2 1/2 hours… So I put them in the oven, and as I had expected, there was no oven spring either. I have no idea what went wrong, but these breads were really flat. The taste was ok, and I don’t mind whole-wheat bread at all. On the contrary – I love whole-wheat bread. But will I make THIS bread again? No!


8 responses to “BBA Challenge #41: Whole-Wheat Bread

  1. I’m sorry this didn’t turn out….I can’t imagine what happened, especially if it rose the first time, but not the second. One of life’s great mysteries, huh? I have a favorite whole white wheat bread recipe that others have tried and loved…and it’s not a 2 day bread…come on over and take a look:

  2. It’s funny that it did not rise the second time.
    I followed a recipe to the point and the dough was horrible…looking forward to your next post.

  3. How strange! I wonder what happened between your two rises!

    I’m sad that this one isn’t getting better reviews . . . I love 100% whole wheat bread, too!

  4. I made this last week but haven’t blogged about it yet. I added some vital wheat gluten to both the poolish and the final dough because I’ve yet to make a whole wheat bread that didn’t need some extra protein to help in the rising. I enjoyed the bread, but have had much better whole wheat bread so I also will not be attempting this one again.

    • I also added vital wheat gluten to both the poolish and the final dough, and the first rise was really good. I have no clue why the 2nd rise didn’t work…

  5. My ‘medium’ loaf pans are 8″x4″ and my ‘large’ pans are 9″x5″. I like to use medium sized pans to make 3 loaves as they fit in the Ziploc baggies for sandwiches and fit in my toaster…good luck!

  6. I would have said that it was weird that the bread didn’t rise, but it seems like a lot of people had the same problem. Bricks for everyone. I hope mine turns out, as I hate throwing out bread.

    • Oh, I don’t throw out bread. Most bread is acceptable when you toast it, and if it’s not, it’s still good for the ducks. We have a pond nearby and the kids just love going there to feed the ducks.

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