BBA Challenge #34: Pumpernickel

Let me state something here: bread #34 of the BBA Challenge is NOT a pumpernickel. Maybe it’s an American pumpernickel, but it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with German pumpernickel. I was relieved about the baking result, though, because I can’t stand real pumpernickel.

If you want to see what real pumpernickel looks like just follow this link. Real pumpernickel is a really heavy, extremely dense rye bread with whole rye-berries inside and no crust. It has a REALLY long shelf-life. I’ve never seen a pumpernickel loaf in Germany, only pre-sliced bread in small packets. Anyway, after having told you now that the BBA pumpernickel doesn’t have any similarity with German pumpernickel (Reinhart kind of “admits” that in the pumpernickel introductory section) I’ll let you know how I baked this bread. There’s not really that much to say about it: 1st day rye starter, 2nd day final dough to which I added some bread crumbs of the Poilâne-style miche (oh, I know, the famous miche is used as bread crumbs for pumpernickel – what a sacrilege!). The dough was rising nicely, the scoring worked like a charm, the smell that came out of the oven was wonderful, the taste was, hmm, well, the hubby and 3 kiddos asked me to please not make it again. Okaaaaayyyyyy….. I didn’t think it was THAT bad. Definitely not my favorite bread, but not the worst either… A LOT better than REAL pumpernickel! 😉


4 responses to “BBA Challenge #34: Pumpernickel

  1. Your scoring is perfect. Too bad you didn’t like the taste. I have not done this one yet.
    Your comment about using miche bread for breadcrumbs as sacrilege made me laugh!

  2. Did you notice the wikipedia entry even said “there is a separate American pumpernickel tradition”? I don’t think it’s a kid’s bread in any case–I remember my mom loved it and I didn’t understand why. I haven’t had in ages now, but I guess I will soon enough. Your description sounds a bit like that “vollkornbrot” or whatever that imported bread is from Germany that has a woman doing situps on the packaging.

    • Yep, I read the wikipedia entry about a separate American pumpernickel tradition. In my post, I just wanted to make clear that the BBA pumpernickel is not the German pumpernickel. You know, it’s like many Americans think weisswurst and sauerkraut are the daily German diet, even though that is true for Bavaria only 😉 (ok, that might be a prejudice on my side, too – not even in Bavaria they eat it that often).

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