BBA Challenge #28: Potato Rosemary Bread

I was excited to make Bread #28 of the BBA Challenge – a potato rosemary bread – because all of the other fellow bakers were so enthusiastic about it (just to cite a few: Kelly: “extraordinary and worth repeating”, Daniel: “like a savory cake made with flour, yeast, water, and salt”, Mags: “this bread makes the best dinner rolls”, Paul: “it’s incredibly yummy”). I just had made the really yummy Portuguese Sweet Bread before, so my expectations were pretty high.

If you have glanced at my sidebar, you might have noticed that this bread is among those ones, that I most likely won’t repeat. What? The introduction sound so positive, you might think. Well, yeah, I guess, my expecations were too high. The smell was indeed incredible: this rosemary garlic scent filled the whole house; even the next morning you could smell it. But the flavor was disappointing. It was so ordinary. Besides, I really hated the greasy feel – I don’t like touching greasy things. So why did you brush it with olive oil at all, you might ask? Well, I don’t know. Because the recipe called for it…. I guess, I should use my common sense next time and not do something that I know I don’t like! The crust and crumb looked beautiful, though. I forgot to take a picture of the loaf  (there is one of the loaf’s crumb, though), but you can admire the crust of the dinner rolls 😉 (I had made one loaf and 9 dinner rolls). In fact, it got eaten (so it wasn’t really bad), but neither my kids, nor my hubby and I were big fans of this bread, so I was glad when it was all gone.


9 responses to “BBA Challenge #28: Potato Rosemary Bread

  1. Your rolls look delicious even if you didn’t care for them too much. I liked this bread, but everyone has their favorites. I suppose they can’t all be winners! It’s time to press on with the challenge. Happy Baking!

    • I guess, it’s good when not all bread of this book are favorites – how would I decide which ones to make again? So it’s kinda good to narrow down the choice, I think 😉

  2. So sorry that you didn’t care for this one so much. You did a great job and your rolls look fantastic! Great crumb too.

  3. You can’t possibly like them all. LOL

    The buns look wonderful though.

  4. This bread does smell good ~ For as much time and effort you put into baking, you need to do what your family loves! Great post…love the list of breads you’ll make again.

  5. As others have said, you can’t love ’em all. I also want to say that your sidebar of BBA breads by category is a great idea. Perfect way to keep the the ‘keepers’ separate from the “ehs”. 🙂

  6. Isn’t it funny that we like different things, I make this one all the time.

  7. But the bread looks great! I can’t believe you didn’t like it. Though, when I think about it, the bread could have used more rosemary until it was oozing it. That would have been over the top amazing.

    I was also wondering about the sidebar, since I don’t remember which ones I liked a lot and which ones I didn’t. I’ll have to go back and read my blog.

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